Aer F Series from NZXT

Aer F series is a fan series from NZXT made to provide outstanding levels of airflow and overall efficiency. Aer F is considered to provide excellent productivity even with overclocked systems. Let’s have a closer look at the fans and what they offer to customers.

We have a square frame with interchangeable plastic trim, differently colored (grey, blue, red, white) to suit most color choices for enthusiasts out there. Options of 120mm and 140mm fans are available. Winglet constructed fan blades minimize drag, improving overall cooling.

Another key feature to these fans is the fluid dynamic bearings (FDB) which enable long lasting operation, around 60 000 hours of MTBF, or approximately 6-7 years of non stop use. In typical NZXT style the fan cables are sleeved to enable better looking systems along with neater cable management. An important included feature is the PWM which enables the fan to deliver near-silent operation.

Vibration dampeners are installed on every fan, reducing both noise and vibration generated from the fan. Aer F120 comes with physical dimensions of W120mm х H120mm x W26mm. Due to the PWM the fan is able to rotate with minimum of 500 RPM. Maximum attainable rotational speed is 1500 RPM. Same applies for Aer F140mm. Its size is W140mm х H140mm x W26mm.

Both have fluid dynamic bearings and are able to deliver great airflow with Aer F120 pushing minimum of 21.01 CFM and maximum of 63.02 CFM. Aer F140 shows higher numbers here, normal for a 140mm fan rotating at the same speed – 34.48 to 103.43 CFM at maximum speed.

Noise levels maintain steady figures with the 120mm model being a more quiet one at maximum produced noise of 31 dBA. Aer F140 shows 35 dBA when rotating at maximum speed. Last but not least, the air pressure is also a vital part of a fan’s performance. Aer F120 pushes air with pressure of 1.24mm H20, while Aer F140 does so with 1.42mm H20.


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    You can pay almost $10 less buying EK Vardar EVO fans, which have almost double the static pressure, extended range PWM with a 2 year warranty. Really a no brainer.

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