Antec GX300

Looking at the GX300 from Antec, we can clearly say that the case is looking quite good and it has a luxurious look to it from the exterior side at least. It is constructed from steel and the usual plastic, used for the panels and there is a nice silver logo of Antec at the front panel. Side panels are extruded a little bit, just to provide additional space inside the interior and there is a version which comes with an acrylic window on the left side panel. What makes an immediate impression is the nice lighting effect provided by the power LED on the front panel, it looks like ambient light and is a really nice touch, adding to the overall value of the case. The chassis stands on plastic feet, elevated to allow for more airflow going to the case’s internal components.

Physical dimensions of GX300 are 485 mm (H) x 180 mm (W) x 475 mm (D) and it comes weighing at 5.45 kg. Throughout the color scheme is black, as well as the interior space.

GX300 Solid side panel
GX300 Acrylic window
GX300_B_ql GX300_B_ql_window2

In terms of motherboard sizes support, the small case can be equipped with Standard ATX, microATX, and mini-ITX and has additional support for multiple GPUs with maximum length of 400mm, which is very good for high-end system builds. The extruded side panels allow for higher CPU cooler to be installed – 140mm and more space for cable management behind the MB tray. According to the official technical specifications there are a total of 6 drive bays, them being 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives. Not mentioned in the technical data seem to be the ODD bays, which are 4 if we look at the photos of the GX300. Slightly visible stays the large CPU cutout for easy CPU cooler installation or removal. The expansion slots are 7, typical for the Midi tower designs, so room for expansion cards is plenty.


Out of the box, the GX300 from Antec comes packed with one fan to aid with the cooling and there are mounts for additional ones to be installed:

  • 2 x 120 mm top exhaust fan (Optional)
  • 1 x 120mm rear exhaust fan pre-installed (LED)
  • 2 x 120 mm front intake fan (Optional)

I believe that those top fan slots may be utilized with some water cooling options if you choose to do so and the 120mm fan slot at the rear, as well. On the top panel there are the communications ports in the face of USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 1, and the audio jacks. Available also is a fan controller switch with High and Low setting levels for easy adjustment of the fans inside Antec GX300.

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