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Antec H₂O Kühler K120 and K240

Antec H₂O Kühler K120 and K240 are the names of the newly introduced CPU coolers that the company will offer to the gamers and clients who really prefer to be in the safe side when it comes to cooling. We’ve seen H₂O Kühler All-in-One Liquid Cooler series in the past and they have been nothing but amazing. Now, the new version is improved in many aspects and will bring better performance and design, reliability and carefree operation.

At the moment the information we have is scarce. Nonetheless, we have some details on the products and we’ll happily share them with you. Coming from a familiar design, K120 and K240 are equipped with water cooling radiators, 120mm for K120 and 240mm for K240 respectively.

For both products, we have a black painted radiator designed with sharp edges and flat overall look. Offering 17 fins per inch of density, both models would be great for enthusiasts who are not compromising on cooling. Attached to the radiators, as we can see from the photos, we have flexible tubes with a protective sleeve, again, finished in black. A subtle white color is visible partially on the fan frames and rubber mounts, giving a contrast look.


Antec H₂O Kühler K240


Additionally, we have a Blue LED glow when the models are operating to enhance the looks even further. All fans are PWM controlled and offer two operating modes – Silence and Beast. The Beast mode is set to achieve better performance when needed, while Silence should keep things close to noise free. An additional layer of less noise and better CPU care is the ceramic pump, which is located with the radiator. In that sense, the vibrations to the CPU are little to none. The water block is only 50 mm of height, so it’s light and slim, ensuring compatibility, easier installation and also less excess weight on the CPU socket. Thermal paste with high thermal conductivity comes pre-applied to the CPU contact plate.

Antec is stating that compatibility of K120 and K240 is with the latest Intel and AMD processors.

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