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Back in 2015 Noctua announced for the first time the Chromax accessories series, which over time has been constantly expanded and a few months ago there was a ...


Cryorig C7 CU is the latest arrival in the company portfolio especially designed to solve the heatsink size limitations in SFF/ITX systems to provide the best ...


Gelid just introduced their latest CPU cooler bearing the name Tornado, designed to bring the features of top-notch CPU coolers to the mass market


Scythe Kotetsu Mark 2 is one of the latest arrivals in the company's portfolio made to deliver compact and appealing structure combined with the best possible ...


The guys from Cooler Master just introduced their brand new MasterBox Q300 series featuring two very interesting products aka Q300L and Q300P models.


Reeven Kiran and Zephyros RED are two of the latest arrivals in the company portfolio offering balanced performance combined with great appearance.

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  1. Hello Carlos,

    I already tested the fans and I am currently writing the article.
    Both of the A12x15 fans are very good performers and really quiet products.

    Best Regards

  2. We are avoiding sharing the babes because of the young siblings reading the web page. 😀

    Best Regards

  3. True story.
    The case looks really nice and from what I saw can be a really good option for some very good looking modding projects.
    On the official web page there are already 2 mods shown.

  4. Indeed. The case looks very nice. I wonder what will be the performance.

  5. Thank you for the good words but here I should point that I am not the author of this review.
    Anyway nobody cares for silence in fact the cooler provide outstanding cooling performance.

  6. @ Stuen4y,
    Very soon the comparison will be released. The results are pretty nice…

    @ Dimcho,
    The cooler looks great indeed.

  7. Hello and thanks for the really useful information.
    Anyway I hope you understand that the majority of the people reading don’t have the experience and skills to do such a modification and if I released such an information some people may broke their fans trying to do it.

    Thanks for the link to the article how to mod the fan.

    Best Regards

    P.s. There is no point to hide a link to overclock.net. I am accepting all information that is useful. After all DVTests is a web page made to provide good and useful information to the regular users.

  8. Hello Jai,
    I don’t recommend using different fans because:
    If one of the fans is rotating slower or is with lower airflow level this will be bad for the overall performance. For example if you put the slower fan as push fan on the radiator and the Blade Master fan as pull you will lose the static pressure of the original fan. If you put the Blade Master fan as push fan, the back one will act like 1/3 barrier for the air coming out of the fins.
    I think you can find to purchase additional Blade Master fan everywhere and it is pretty cheap one 🙂

    Pretty nice. That was good information. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Best Regards

  9. Hello Dan,
    I can’t say exactly because:
    1. I always change the coolers so I can’t really compare the AIO with Air cooler. And I never thought doing it. But you can always look at my other reviews, see the temperature results, see the ambient temperature and do a simple calculations to make the delta temps and just compare it.
    2. When I do the tests I always show the maximum performance of the cooler with the current processor. For that reasons all fans are working at maximum speed inside the case, which boost a bit the overall cooling inside the case.

    Best Regards

    P.s. Reading the full article, not just the results will give you better vision of the details 🙂

  10. @ Pepix
    Next time. Now I need more experience with the watercooling setups.

    @ Dimcho
    Yea hopefully. I almost abandoned the project when I broke the fitting but Ivan Ivanov has the tools to install new one… Anyway modding the waterblock for new tubes was entirely his job 🙂

  11. The review was released few days ago: http://dvtests.com/?p=15867

  12. Hello and welcome to DVTests.com

    That is one really good question….
    Unfortunately I can’t say with exact numbers how much better the new model is because:
    http://dvtests.com/?p=10982 Antec Kuhler 620 was tested on a processor – AMD Athlon 2 x4 620 (95W) without overclock, which I don’t use anymore. A quad core processor which was not so power hungry as the AMD FX8350 (125W) without overclock.

    Anyway lets try doing some calculations:
    AMD Athlon 2 x4 620 (95W) vs AMD FX8350 (125W) is like 24% more power consumed for the second processor
    max temp for Kuhler 620 at the test was 50 degrees, while for Kuhler 650 it is 58 degrees, which make 14% high temp result.
    And if my calculations are right, I am not really good with mathematics, that should be 10% higher performance. Of course these are just a thoughts and noone can guarantee it like this…

    Best Regards

  13. Hello Rado and welcome to http://www.DVTests.com

    We already discussed that matter few comments above.

    “There is one thing which actually requires some attention and that is if this fan is going to be installed on water block it will require additional longer bolts, which are not in the standard package.”

    Please read all comments. 🙂

    Best Regards

  14. Hello Linda,
    I hope these fans will do the job.
    First i think you should keep in mind the overall power consumption so you don’t burn anything.
    Second you need to slightly remove the sleeving of the cable so you can see the cables colours.
    There should be four cables:
    Black – ground
    Red – 12v cable
    Yellow – tachometer for rpms
    Blue or green – pwm control

    You will need the black and red and be careful not to turn them around because you will burn the motor circuit.

    Computer fans are DC so you need new adapter. If you already tried with this one than you probably burned them already

    Best regards

  15. Thanks for the good words,
    We are trying to do the best and real reviews possible.
    Seems we kinda achieve that goal…

    Best Regards

  16. Unfortunately I can’t overclock higher than 4.7GHz per core. There is no doubt the cooler will handle but I doubt the motherboard VRMs will. Apart from that I require voltage over 1.52V for 4.8 and the VRMs are overheating even with additional cooling.

    Soon there will be a comparison between ThermalRight Silver Arrow IB-E vs New Noctua NH-D14, just waiting for the NH-D14 to arrive 🙂

    It will be a serious battle.

  17. Hello Hugo and welcome to DVTests.com,
    NH-L9a is a cooler especially designed for a low profile mini ITX systems which usually use processors with very low consumption.
    I believe Noctua has outstanding support and testing procedure to give the best possible conditions for their products. So I trust them them about their opinion for maximum watt processor which should be cooled by this cooler.

    I don’t think that adding a blade master 92 fan on the cooler will help a lot, if it helps at all 🙂

    May I ask what are you trying to do ?

    P.s. We have Noctua NH-L9a review too here: http://dvtests.com/?p=11222

  18. Indeed the cooler showed some nice results.

    Long time ago I thought to make a catalogue for coolers too using the delta temps. But at one moment I abandoned the idea because…
    1. The coolers are with different dimensions, features and structure.
    2. When most of the people see the delta temps they will make their conclusions without paying attention to the details at point 1.
    Anyway at every article i give the ambient temp and if somebody want to do the math and then compare the coolers. I am not doing it cause it is not right to compare for example Reeven Justice with lets say Scythe Ashura or Noctua U14s

  19. In fact they already have a lot of very good looking cases such as the temjin and the raven models.
    To be honest Ps06 is one of the models which I like the most.

  20. Hello and welcome to DVTests.com,
    First I want to congratulate you for doing tests and I will do my best helping you choosing a testing rig.

    I am not very familiar with intel overclock and reasonable temps and settings but i have some experience with AMD.
    When Fx-8350 is at default frequency with full load it is about 120-130W. When it is at 4.7 gHz with full load it reach up to 220-230w. At this moment all small and average coolers fails. Only the big ones can handle to keep it cool. Check all reviews which i did starting with U14s test using fx-8350. It makes even Aio to have hard time. The water inside the loop gets really hot.

    Best Regards

  21. I believe in time they will add more colours to satisfy the taste of the customers.

  22. @Pepi X
    Well I don’t think the most important is the price. There are a lot of good cheap products and at same time a lot of expensive and not really good products.

    The benefits are obvious and if somebody like the product he will pay the price.

  23. Indeed. I already asked Prolimatech and hope they will provide me test samples.

  24. Hello Radia and welcome to DVTests.com.

    Well here everything depends on the hardware. May I ask you what is the motherboard and the processor inside your system.

    Cooler Master Blizzard T2 offers a purple version of Cooler Master Blade Master 92mm without PWM control method but it can be controled according to Voltage method since there are only 3 cables.

    I can recommend you to go to your BIOS and look where are the options and check what method there is. If it is set to PWM it will be noisy and move it to Voltage.

  25. Hello Third and welcome to DVTests.com

    About your question I don’t think I should compare both AIO since I never had the chance to test and review any corsair product. Apart from that i don’t know the system setup nor the price range you are interested in.

  26. Indeed the AIO looks nice. For it’s performance we will have to read other reviews

  27. Hello again and sorry for the late reply…
    Let me describe you the situation.

    When i first did the test I connected both the fan and the pump to the 4 pin CPU connector on my motherboard using an Y-splitter. From the BIOS first I set the control method to:

    PWM and the pump was noisy all the time because it was rotating at maximum speed. Only the fan was PWM controlled.
    Later I tried to set it to VOLTAGE method and then the pump became less noisy but was increasing its speed when there was a load on the CPU.

    Both the fan and the pump were controlled according to the CPU sensor.

    Anyway I don’t know what settings your mobo has but you can try connect the fan to the 4 pin PWM CPU header and control it with PWM mode and connect the pump to a case fan header and control it using the Voltage method. But in that case the pump will be controlled by the case sensors and not the CPU sensor.

  28. @Colm
    Hello and welcome. I am sorry for the late reply…
    Hyper 212 Evo is a wonderful cpu cooler with great perf/noise/price balance. Seidon 120v is great perf/price deal too, unfortunately it is a bit noisy. Anyway I believe both will handle FX6300 but if u OC u will need better cooling performance and will sacrifice the noise.

    Hello and welcome to you too.
    I hope you read the full article. I explained my experience with the fan and the pump control. Check it again because I have no idea what mobo and bios settings you are using to give you hints.

    About the screws you should remount the Aio cooling block with all screws. One of them missing will reduce the contact pressure with the CPU and will result a higher temps.

  29. Hello John and welcome to http://www.DVTests.com,
    Thanks for the question, which I believe it is pretty interesting and I hope I will be able to help you with that information.

    So far I already tested few water coolers from different manufacturers, which you can find here http://dvtests.com/?cat=1400 and in all of their installation manuals the AIO were showed to be installed with the tubes on the bottom side. I believe you should follow the official instructions because before every product is released there are a lot of tests to provide the best possible way for a product to be used. Of course all of the manufacturers offers the best way to use a product without the need of RMA so I think you should follow the official information.

    Personally I don’t think that there is a much of a difference but after all I am using the AIOs according to the official manuals because I am using the test samples for a short period of time. In a longer aspect if you install it a in a wrong way it may reduce the life of the water pump, which is just my thoughts.

    Anyway from what you wrote I believe you are afraid not to break the tubes because of the heat from the VGA… I think they are made to handle much higher temperature but this only Cooler Master can confirm.

    Best Regards

  30. Actually mine too with the 2 x ap181 fans on the bottom. I clean the dustfilters every weekend

  31. If you are looking for a silence I dont think this is the best option. Nor ac i30 co. Maybe think of noctua u14s.

  32. If you ask me the best way to install the fans is to add Jetflo on the front. It’s high airflow level will push a lot of fresh air inside the case and you can put the actual front fan on the bottom or maybe remove it at all.

    Having a bottom fan usually cause more dust inside the case 🙂

  33. Hello and welcome to http://www.DVTests.com.

    I hope the review helped you with your choice.

    Before I help you, can you share what other fans you have installed inside the case and if possible to post a picture of your system from inside. Of course if this is not a problem for you 🙂

  34. Hello and welcome,
    That is one really interesting comment, which for sure may lead to many answers and possibly many new questions.

    Unfortunately I dont have the first 120M anymore, which I tested before. And for that reason I can’t compare them. I can compare 120V vs Enermax ELC-120TA since both are with slim radiator.

    The first Seidon models are really good cooling units and there is no doubt about it. To be honest 120V is actually the first AIO with slim design, which succeeded to keep the FX-8350 even on 4.7GHz. Yes the temps are high but the system was working.

    About the tubings, probably you are right they are a bit easier to bend but I can’t confirm if they are thinner without cutting them.

    After all this is a budget version so for it’s price it works pretty decent.

  35. Indeed the cooler is really well performing and combined with the clean and stylish design it can be an overkill 🙂

  36. Well nice product = nice review. 🙂

  37. I hope so.
    If I remember right these models are not officially released so maybe one day I will have a test sample 🙂

  38. Thanks for the nice words.

    I am glad that the reviews are helping.

  39. It’s very pity that fewer and fewer people do tests using AMD platform these days, even so the FX-83xx models are real power hungry beasts.

    Anyway I am glad that you enjoyed that article.

    I am curious what motherboard you are using for overclocking the FX8350.

  40. When I did the test and review I was using the 120M the same way.
    The pump was connected to the sys fan connector and the fan to the cpu fan connector. The AIO water system was working wonderfull and quiet.

    The temperatures are pretty nice though 🙂

  41. @Boskorp
    Well it is very risky to play with this fan if a safety grill is not installed. In fact there was almost no vibrations on the model . The balancing ring do the job right 🙂

    Hell yea. It is a model to cool everything just by brute force made of tons of air and noise 🙂

    I can say this model has it’s specific purpose.

  42. Well usually I don’t like a 120 or a 140mm fans with small motors because if they are not balanced properly they will get broken fast.

    Of course if there is a balancing ring added to the propeller it is other story and they can be trusted.

  43. Hello Tedych and welcome.
    I am really happy that you enjoyed the article.

    Well I believe no one can guarantee that this fan will work in the same manner after few years 24/7.

    What I think?
    Well i think these fans are with very good build quality ( I can compare them with Noctua) and if I remember right they are a product of a lot of engineers and scientists from Technical University in Berlin sponsored by their government.

    I believe they will last for a long time and the warranty will cover if they fail 🙂

  44. Hello Lagittaja and you took my words.
    Noctua support is really outstanding.

    Since you are expecting to buy NH-U14S then you should wait by tomorrow so I can release the article for it.

    And no you won’t get free 1150 kit because it is already inside the package 😀

    I believe Noctua give the kits for the other models.

  45. Hello Antonio,
    Yesterday I released a fans review http://dvtests.com/?p=12514 and now I can confirm that these fans wont fit on Megahalems. They will get stuck in the mounting bolts of the bracket.

    Megahalems can work only with 120mm fans.

    Best Regards.

  46. Hello Shlomo and welcome to http://www.DVTests.com!

    First to install this fan on a case fan slot you should check if there is enough space for it since it is made with a bigger frame.
    Second thing is to use the screws or the rubber dumpers to attach the fans.

  47. From what I saw on the USA markets the price is about 60 usd. For that price we saw 3 fans, fan controller, up to 4 x 5.25″ and 5 x 3,5/2.5″ hdds and I believe it is a great deal.

    And yes the red button will be very attractive to kids or small hairy animals 😛

    I noticed only one problem that later got fixed when all parts were installed and that was the thin secc of the back plate. After all this is a budget case for gamers. Lets not forget that 🙂

  48. I have no such information either. I believe the case is just announced as a model and will be released on the market a bit later this year.

  49. After I spoke with my contact from Cooler Master, all of the models from the Eisberg series will be released on the market at March but first will be available only in Germany

  50. @random – we talk about different setups with different conditions. I can’t say what others did at those tests and I will stand behind my results. If you want to believe them it is your choice. The best is to get this cooler by yourself and do the tests to check which is true.

    @PCexpert I am happy that my review was useful for you 🙂 and I hope for other people in the future.

  51. Well from what I saw there are only 2 reviews over the web for this product. Mine and some beta test with very strange results done with same CPU as mine.
    If I remember right he had 33.5 degrees at load with Atlon 2 x4 620 at 2600 and 34 degrees at load and OC frequency of 3600. That is not possible and maybe his thermal sensors are not working properly.

    In fact me and a friend tested the exact same sample on Intel I7-920(1366) and the results were similar or a bit higher.

    I am happy that my review help you with your choice 🙂 and yes for OC Evo is much better.

  52. Hello,
    Thanks for the comment and I will try to explain what I did when I was testing the cooler.
    Actually for this test and review I reinstalled T4 exactly 3 times… Default frequency 2600 idle and OC then overclock frequency 3640 idle and OC. So I mounted the cooler once and did all tests one by one.

    1. I added the thermal compound in the middle of the cpu with size of a bit bigger than a rise. I got a higher results than this and that made me thinking to redo the tests.
    2. I added the thermal compound in the middle of the cpu with size of a pea and still the results were very similar to the first test.
    3. I added 3 lanes of thermal compound on the cpu and used the spatula to cover all CPU and these are the results.

    I was wondering why the cooler cant handle the OC results and there were few ideas that I got.

    1. The mounting clip is not too tight…. I checked the cooler and was placed good. Not rotating or something
    2. I thought that the contact surface may not be perfect so I added some thermal compound on it and pressed ot to a transparent plastic. The marker was good… Still not perfect. Maybe the thermal compound was a bit too thick.

    So I believe that this cooler as a budget version made for users not planning to OC it handle ok. And I think that the heatpipes used in Hyper 212 evo are made of a better quality copper than those used in T4. Of course that is just my thoughts.

  53. I hope I will be able to tell in couple of weeks. I spoke with Gelid and probably I will get a test sample. We will see…

  54. I am really happy that this review help you with your choice.
    Keep in mind that T2 is a budget cooler and don’t expect serious overcloking results! And please OC safe ! 🙂

  55. Well from what I’ve heard this is a budget cooler with a nice performance of it’s price.

  56. I just got information from SilverStone that the model was released at 2005. An old but still excellent product.

  57. Thanks for the feedback guys. Indeed the fans are awesome.

    Updated the MSRP for all 3 models.

  58. Thanks a lot for the feedback.
    Yest with every update the mod is getting closer to finished.

    Anyway it will be very soon 🙂

  59. Great pictures and congratulations for the 3 sponsors. I am really eager too to see the project finished 🙂

  60. Yes there was a typing error but now is fixed…

  61. http://dvtests.com/?p=9212
    There won’t be Bulgarian version.
    To translate it to Bulgarian use: http://translate.google.bg/?hl=bg&tab=wT

  62. Ами планувам пико захранващата платка да бъде между двата основни панела и с кабел да прекарам през втория
    и да се включи в дъното. Като цяло обмислям всички кабели да са между първите две платформи.

  63. Доколкото знам не, тъй като Cooler Master имат някаква нова политика да предлагат охладителите с тихи вентилатори за европейския пазар и с бързите и по-шумни за американския пазар.

  64. @Pepix
    Принципно идеята е, че при този модел идва стандартно с два тънки вентилатора с примерно обща дебелина 20мм, докато само 1 обикновен е 25мм, а пък и втори и става страшно.
    Да действително има разлика в температурите, но е много малка при ниските честоти.
    Иначе старият модел с по-дебелия вентилатор е и с по-голямо ниво на въздушния поток и по-високо статично налягане.

  65. Всеки свободен ден си е ден за работа 🙂 Освен това с машините, които имам в София няма да постигна абсолютно нищо или поне ще ми отнеме много повече време и усилия. Засега се получава доста добре.

  66. Мерси!
    Надявам се крайният резултат да е приятен за окото и ефективен. Иначе да, доста труд ще е необходим за да се реализира.

  67. Здравейте,
    въпросът е много уместен и интересен. За жалост отговорът не може да бъде конкретен, тъй като при провеждането на такива тестове и ревюта, резултатите се влияят от твърде много променливи като: постоянна температура на помещението, моделът процесор, въздушен поток, кутия, поставяне на паста, скоростта на въртене на вентилаторите, че дори и софтуерни, на програмите с които се измерват температурите по време на тестовете.

    В интерес на истината резултатите от руското ревю ги гледах и бях доста озадачен, тъй като температурите на ядрата в айдъл са от порядъка на 12 градуса, което е доста странно, освен ако не прави тестовете в помещение със температура под 0. Разбира се при такава стайна температура ще се получат по-големи и по-бързи промени в температурата на процесора по време на тестовете.

    Конкретно за техните резултати не мога да гарантирам, но за моите мога по всяко време да проведа теста пред камера.

    Освен това, след като се зачетох по ревюто ми направи впечатление това, което звучи не сериозно:
    “В простое показания датчика процессора AMD A8-3850 некорректны, но даже по ним можно судить об эффективности охлаждения.”

    Поздрави и благодаря за интересния въпрос 🙂

  68. Здрасти, според мен можеш да погледнеш http://dvtests.com/?p=1278. Моделът е значително по-мощен, но пък предлага PWM регулация, като ако се намали напрежението става доста тих. Освен това, ако ти потрябва по-голяма производителност в по-топло време, спокойно можеш да го увеличиш.
    Освен това и цената му е разумна.

    Мога да ти препоръчам и други, но те са или доста скъпи или пък изобщо не се предлагат по магазините в България.

    Разбира се, ако този модел не те удовлетворява, винаги можеш да разгледаш каталога и да си харесаш модел според производителността, като за да определиш какво е нивото на въздушния поток, взимаш измерената от мен стойност в кубични метра за час и делиш на 1.7 за да получиш стойността на въздушния поток в CFM.

  69. Официалните печеливши по реда на намиране на наградите са:

    Ace Ventura – Cooler Master TX3 EVO
    Venator – Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
    Kristiqn – CM Storm Battle pad

    Честито на печелившите!
    Очаквайте емайл на емайлите, които сте получили за допълнителна информация относно доставката на наградите.

    П.с. Лично аз предполагах, че играта ще продължи по-дълго, но явно интересът беше голям.

  70. Честито и вторият охладител е намерен!

    Но, има трета награда, която не е обявена 🙂

  71. Честито, първият охладител е намерен!

  72. Не е това. Играта е малко по-сложна и е необходимо повече внимание.

  73. Играта започна. Успех на всички и отваряйте си очите на чвтири. Играта не е лесна!

    Искам да вметна, че за спечелване на наградите, се изисква да се намери банер, от който ясно си личи, че печелите, а не да се намерят статиите свързани с продуктите.

  74. По въпроса за Линкс… Преди изобщо да си помисля да правя каквито и да било тестове пробвах няколко различни софтуера като Линкс, Интел бърн тест и други. Пробвах различни овърклок честоти и мерих времена, точно поради причината за по-ниската температура в началото и края на теста.
    Ако имаш сериозни съмнения относно тестовете и държиш да ти ги докажа, не е проблем да ги проведа отново и да ги заснема с камера.

    Ако пък си и от София, може да си поиграем на живо с охладителя и с трите вентилатора 🙂

  75. @PepiX – стандартно охладителя се предлага без вентилатор, но пък от Арктик са обявили и Турбо модула, който е специално за този охладител. Вентилатора на турбо модула се върти на около 1000 оборота в минута.
    @Boskorp – всичките тестове се проведоха при затворена кутия с 230мм вентилатор отстрани, вкарващ въздух вътре в кутията.

  76. Еми, очаквам го всеки момент. Лично аз нямам търпение да го прегледам, а доколкото и разбрах от колегата от Ноктуа, скоро ще го има и наличен на пазара в България.

  77. Ами говорих с колегата от Gelid и той ми каза цената, но годинките си оказват влияние и я забравих. Днес ще питам отново и ще я добавя.

  78. @Stuen4y
    Ами ако ми ги пратят за тестове смятам да тествам новия Hyper 212EVO спрямо стария Hyper 212+. Мисля, че ще има разлика, въпросът е колко ще е голяма.

    Това би трябвало да е цената за цяла Европа, а в България може и да е друга. Захранването монтирано къде, тъй като повечето нови модели са на дъното на кутията.

  79. Благодаря за мнението. Относно снимките на тъмно, ще ги правя в следващите ревюта.

  80. Дам, може би ще има проблем за монтаж в средни или по-малки кутии, особено ако се използват памети с висок радиатор.
    Доколкото си спомням, в комплекта са добавени още две пластмасови скоби за вентилатор, освен това и четири гумени уплътнения и винтчета за закрепване на вентилатор към пластмасовите скоби.

  81. Според официалната информация, следващия модел Hyper 612PWM в САЩ е 49$, така че лично аз очаквам този да бъде по-евтин.За жалост не мога да кажа нищо конкретно, тъй като и колегата с който говорих(продуктовия мениджър на охладители за Европа, все още не е на 100% сигурен).

  82. Охладителят действително е много сериозен като производителност и готиното му е, че е доста тих сравнен с радиалната турбина на референтния охладител 🙂

  83. Кутийката е страхотна. В нея би се събрал един перфектна NAS система. Евала на Fractal Design. Напоследък пускат доста приятни модели 🙂

  84. Дам, май така излиза, но все пак нищо не се знае и може да направят същото раздаване на награди и за хората в Европа.

  85. Все пак при този модел се цели мощност и по тази причина дисплеят не е особено важен точно при този модел, но би бил полезен поне да отчита подаваното напражение към вентилаторите. Качеството на изработката е просто перфектно, което на моите снимки не се вижда особено. Да знам, че има още какво да се желае от снимките 🙂

    Относно помпа за водно. Може и да успее да я регулира, за жалост обаче нямам такава за да пробвам 🙂

  86. Нямам никаква представа каква му е цената на запад или в България. Тези дни мисля да ги монтирам на страничния панел на Haf 932 да видя как ще се представят спрямо 230мм-вия вентилатор който е там 🙂

  87. Напълно споделям мнението ти. Винаги съм предпочитал вентилатори с голям поток, макар и по-шумни, но с идеята да са намалени и когатое необходимо да се увеличат.

  88. Ами в интерес на истината и аз си мислех, че може би термо датчика на чипсета не мери като хората, но малкото вентилаторче се усеща доста серизно как духа в основата на охладителя. Според мен си върши работата доста добре.

  89. Да, резултатите са супер. Не мисля, че е особено тежък. Дъното ми е виждало и по-големи :D. Доколкото знам май цената му ще е около 70-80лв, което е доста добре, на фона на други охладители.

  90. Да, вентилатора е хубав, но дори и да се намери някой да ги внесе, може да е леко скъп на фона на цената на западните пазари. Разбира се може и цената да му е доста актуална като за нашия пазар 🙂

  91. Ами те засега имат само два модела, които представляват интерес за мен: 120 и 140мм. Като имам тестови бройки и от двата. Скоро ще пусна и на 120ката.

  92. То май се набляга на мощността. Все пак едва ли има друг стандартен регулатор с обща мощност 240W.

  93. И на мен ми е адски интересно дали Mach 1.8 ще представи производителност на или около нивото на производителност на Excalibur-a. По официални технически характеристики статичните налягания на двата се различават драстично, но потока не чак толкова.

  94. Ами “…. и продажбата му в Европа ще започне на цена около 13 евро ….”, друг е въпроса каква ще е цената в България, но не мисля, че ще е много повече или по-малко.

  95. Ами, добре е опакован. Все пак се води специална серия и бри трябвало да привлича внимание.

  96. Дам процесора като цяло е доста студен, но затова пък съм му пуснал и 1.5V. Иначе охладителчето ми хареса много и май ще пенсионериам Megahalems-a. Другото което ми хареса много в него е ниската скорост на въртене на перките ~500 оборота при които процесора е доста хладен на стандартната честота.

  97. Хах, за малко да забравя да напиша победителите. Да и аз съм в състояние на еуфория 🙂

  98. Информация относно спечелилият наградата може да намерите тук: http://dvtests.com/

  99. Играта-състезание за спечелването на Lamptron Fan Controller -Touch- официално приключи!

    Всички коментари пуснати до момента и отговарящи на условията за участие, несъдържащи обиди и неадекватни мнения спрямо организаторите са одобрени и публикувани.

    Информация около печелившият на наградата ще бъде обявена не по-късно на 02.12.2010 в 12:00 часа.

    Организаторите ще се свържат със спечелилият наградата посредством оставената в коментарите електронна поща, за уточнение на данните за доставка, като доставката ще се извърши не по-късно от 10.12.2010г изцяло за сметка на организаторите, а предоставените данни, няма да бъдат използвани за други цели освен изпращането на продукта.

    Благодаря Ви за участието и успех!

    Системата за коментари ще остане отворена до обявяването на печелившият.

  100. Играта официално стартира и ще свърши точно след един месец! Всички коментари пуснати вчера бяха премахнати, тъй като играта стартира от днес! Моля прочетете правилата на играта, ако е необходимо по няколко пъти, преди да оставите своя коментар.
    Успех на всички !

  101. Да и на мен ми се искаше да фигурират всички модели от серията, за жалост, когато правих тестовете нямаха налични при вносителя.

  102. Всичко е въпрос на време. Преди да стартираме състезанието ще има и скромно ревю на продукта :). Иначе регулатора е страхотен. Пък и доста рядък. Все пак Lamptron пуснаха 100 броя за проучване как ще се приеме от потребителите.

  103. 120mm-ят модел адски много ми прилича на Cooler Master Long Life 120mm. Разбира се с подобрения, но все пак структурата е почти същата.
    В същият момент 200мм пък прилича на модела на Xigmatek.

  104. Еми екстра е като за въздушно охлаждане.Вярно, че има още петима преди него, ама за да ги мине ще му се наложи сериозно да се потруди и да се изръси за азот или каскади.

  105. За жалост в България не се продават, а тази бройка ми я дадоха от Декада за тест.

  106. Тези черните са гумени стъпки, които да убиват вибрациите. Крепежните елементи са едни гумени като болтове, които се изтеглят през отворите. 90% от новите вентилатори идват с такива.

  107. Ами цената е перфектна, 120-150 лв е добре.
    Дам надявам се в следващия модел деиствително да е безжично, въпреки, че ако си купя такова нещо безжично, най-много да го загубя 🙂

  108. Ами незнам за вас ама на мен направо ми напълни душата. Устройството е супер добро.
    Обаче като гледам няма да е под 200 кинта.

  109. Мога ли да те помоля да използваш кирилица в коментарите. Все пак националният ни език използва кирилица.

    Иначе вентилатора за тестовете го закупих от: http://iskampc.com/scythe-slip-stream-kaze-jyuni-120-nnn-1600.html

  110. Армагедона според angelreaper е по-добър от Megahalems. Не съм го тествал и не мога да кажа обективно, обаче тествах друг модел Noctua NH-D14, който също е по-добър от мегата.

    Ами според мен си е въпрос на избор. Ако има разлика между NH-D14 и Armageddon то ще е много малка, да не кажа никаква. Очаквам Silver Arrowa да покаже сериозни резултати заради перките, но ще видим след време.

    За мен най-добрия вариант за 1156 е Noctua NH-D14 с две P14 Flx, разбира се това е мое мнение и не искам да ангажирам никой с него 🙂

  111. Нямам представа. Предполагам за България, може да очакваме да бъдат внесени от Декада, все пак те са официалния вносител за Prolimatech.
    Иначе червеният направо “кърти” 🙂

  112. Да, малко са пресилили потока, но знае ли човек. Структурата на витлото може и да докара подобен поток при тези обороти. Лично мен повече ми харесва червения вариант 🙂

  113. И не само. Вентилатора е перфектен. Това е един от малкото продукти, които съм тествал и съм си запазил.

  114. Ами на мен пък ми направи впечатление външния му вид. Най-накрая почнаха да ги правят да изглеждат сериозни, а не някакви играчки.

    Предполагам тая технология за двата слоя ще даде добри резултати, за жалост все още няма ревюта или тестове.

  115. Прав си. Действително черно-червено щеше да се вписва по-добре в почти всички нови кутии. Все пак голяма част от новите модели са с черен интериор.

  116. Еми мен така адски много ми допадат. И 120 и 140-та на която скоро ще пусна ревюто. 140-та направо кърти откъм поток:)

  117. Гледах го в някакъв немски сайт. Цената на вентилатора е около 20 евро. Доста е, но мисля, че ако се появи в България ще е доста по-евтим.

  118. Най-вероятно е грешка. В комплекта има един XPF120.2CF, който се регулира по PWM.

  119. Наистина се представя добре, и в интерес на истинта мисля да си запазя 140мм-вия за мен.Скоро ще пусна ревюто и за него.

  120. Като гледам тестовете доста си си поиграл. Обаче и при Интел резултатите са същите. Разликата е минимална и излиза, че няма особено значение на каква скорост са вентилаторите 😉

  121. Напоследък забелязвам, че започнаха да правят вентилаторите със завихрящи потоци, които става малко трудно да бъдат 100% измерени с витлов анемометър.

  122. Съветвам ви да четете темата добре, защото има уловка.

  123. Ето го отговора на въпроса ти относно тоя капак до захранването: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNQ-knaKwaU&feature=player_embedded#!

  124. Има доста интересни неща, които ми харесаха доста. Засега не мисля да сменям моя HAF 932, но ще видим след време 🙂

  125. От това което гледах като филмчета от Cebit, тоя модел беше доста сполучлив. За жалост не си спомням дали имаше снимки или видеота отвътре.

  126. До колкото знам вече се продава и в България от тази фирма http://www.pc4u.bg/. Цената е 30.55лв

  127. Изглежда съм забравил да сменя името на вентилатора на втората графика. При първа възжмоност ще го редактирам. Важното е, че резултатите са от Noctua NF-S12B FLX 🙂

  128. И на мен много ми допада дизайна и идеята за охлаждане на мосфетите. Обаче ми е интересно колко ли е ефективен в действителност и дали изобщо може да се пребори с фаворитите в момента (Megahalems, Armagedon и тн)

  129. И на мен много ми хареса модела. Сега ползвам Excalibur и 120P монтирани на Megahalems и бих казал вършат чудеса.

  130. Според мен имат няколко доста сериозни продукти. Ще е хубаво да има разнообразие като марки в България.

  131. Дам, интересното е, че и на мен не ми допада особено. Виж кутията не бих я върнал.

  132. Предполагам все някой ще се оборудва с такава и в един или друг момент ще има реални снимки и тестове на това шаси.

  133. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=bg&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fdvtests.com%2F%3Fp%3D1098

    Someone posted link to google translator. Its not 100% accurate but its enough to understand the idea 🙂

  134. Според мен YateLoon е за монтаж на процесор или радиатор за водно. Този вентилатор просто не е за всеки, още по-малко пък за монтаж на кутия и намаляването му чрез контролер.

  135. Ами до колкото разбрах тези лего роботчета ги представяха някакво училище което имаше специалност роботика. То нали освен състезанието имаше и изложение на културата.

    Иначе не е лошо да посетиш някое състезание. Доста е интересно.

  136. Доста постни награди, но все пак участието в това състезание отнема точно 30 мин за да се направи хубава снимка и да се изпрати.

  137. Отпред изобщо не ми допада с тези пластмаси тип паяжина.

  138. Малее какви са тиа изказвания от теб. Ама да ти кажа не бих отказал госпожицата да ми донесе кутията до нас. Само ще ми е интересно как ще влачи тая кутия 20кг 🙂

  139. Ако изобщо дойде. Моделът изглежда супер въпроса е дали ще има някоя фирма ентуасиаст да я внесе.

  140. Всичките модели са супер, но изключително много ми харесват последните две. Просто цената от 350 евро е нищо за ръчно рисувана уникална кутия.

  141. Ами в интерес на истината нямам допир до Apolish моделите и не мога да кажа нещо повече от това, че ми харесва как се осветени 🙂 Гледам няколко човека ги похвалиха в хардуербг. Иначе кутията не е нещо кои знае какво, но пък е доста приятна като цветова гама.

  142. Интересно математическо уравнение. Бих казал, че засега ще си ползвам Excalibura-а. Единственото обаче което не ми харесва, е че дъното ми пищи при старт на компютъра за процесорен вентилатор въртящ на по-малко от 600 оборота :).

  143. Дам и аз много искам да ми падне в ръчичките. Изглежда доста сериозен пък и с този профил на витлото, може и да предложи завиден поток 🙂

  144. Освен, че изглежда като фабрично, според мен се представя доста добре. В Неделя очаквам да пусна резултати как охлажда с различни вентилатори с Cooler Master Excalibur, Cooler Master Long Life 120, AC F12, Noiseblocker XLP 2000.

  145. До края на седмицата смятам да пусна тест с четири различни 120мм вентилатори, като натоварвам процесора и измервам температурите му.
    Софтуера който ще ползвам е IntelBurnTest, Lavalys Everest, като измерванията ще бъдат под idle и след 3 цикъла на burntest-а на максимално натоварване.

  146. Hello Ron,

    The two AIO systems have totally different waterblock structure so to be honest I am not really sure this will work.
    By checking the product here: http://www.cmstore.eu/cooling/amd-am4-upgrade-kit-for-seidon-series-rl-am4b-s12v-r1/ I noticed that it is compatible only with: Seidon 120V, Seidon 240V, Seidon 240P.

    Anyway I would recommend to contact directly CoolerMaster support and ask them about their opinion.

    Best Regards

  147. Hello,

    I am really happy that my review actually helped you with your choice.

    Best Regards

  148. Hello,

    Screw pillars is a wide range of fastening elements with different shape. Most of the companies are using this name for the metal screws between the front brackets and the motherboard.
    For reference:

    Regarding the spare parts u can check http://www.cmstore.eu
    Maybe they offer a complete mounting kit.

    Best Regarda

  149. Hello Phil,

    I don’t know for what you are going to use this fan but keep in mind that both this and the previous models are not really made for normal daily usage while browsing, listen to music or watch movies on your pc.
    These fans are extreme powerful and very loud. The second one is also really innovative with the reverse function.
    Personally I believe this fan is focused for extreme enthusiasts while making OC records
    Regarding the different results, indeed the difference is big but still there are many variables which might cause this. And I doubt that SilverStone is missleading anybody.

  150. Hello Phil,
    To perform real and accurate Noise tests I will have to obtain much more prices Noisemeter than one which costs 30 dollars 🙂 Also to provide accurate results I will need to make a special noise isolated room. Something which is not really easy and most of all cheap thing to do.

    Believe me I thought many times about this in the past.

  151. If I remember correctly the first model was much more louder than the second version.

  152. Hello Phil,

    Yes, the lower the score is, the louder the fan is. Score 10 is deadly quiet, while score 1 is close to jet engine. 🙂

    Best Regards

  153. Hello Salvo,

    Actually you might be right and this is normal.
    There are many examples of products, which are designed and manufactured by a company and later sold and labeled with another brand.

    I can’t confirm if this is the case, but they indeed look similar.

    Best Regards

  154. No worries mate. That is why we are here… To help each other.

  155. Cooler name is Eisbaer, not Eisberg.

    Cooler Master Eisberg is another model from another brand.

  156. Hello Rodrigo,

    That is one really good comment and thanks for it!

    If I remember right, because 4 years passed since the review was done:

    I reinstalled the cooler several times and that included applying the thermal compound in different ways and different quantity. Also tried different thermal compounds …

    I tried rotating the cooler while the installation was performed and also tried to bend the brackets a bit so they can provide a connection with a bigger pressure between the cooler and the processor. The results were similar.

    After that I gave the cooler to a friend to try with his system and the results were the same. High temperature on all cores.

    Best Regards

  157. Hello MRJUANCHO,

    I am happy to see that my review is useful. Pity you saw it a bit late.
    At least in the future, you can check the web page first. Maybe I already tested the product.

    Best Regards.

  158. Hello Charlie,

    Thank you for this comment. It features some interesting questions!

    Let me see if I can answer to them since I never had the chance to touch this motherboard and it will be a matter of a bit guessing and checking pictures.

    1. Would this cooler be able to fit inside the case? — According to the official details of the case and the cpu cooler – yes this product should fit inside this case. Have you ever thought of Noctua NH-L12, which is also a good choice. Low profile but at the same time pretty good performer: http://www.dvtests.com/%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%82-%D0%B8-%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%B2%D1%8E-%D0%BD%D0%B0-noctua-nh-l12/

    2. HyperX Fury is with heatspreaders, which are not tall at all. So I believe they will not hit the fan of the cooler. If by any chance they are in contact with the fan, it could be changed easily.

    Best Regards

  159. Hello,

    The fan is with dimensions of 140 x 140 x 38mm (overall) and 120 x 120 x 38mm (mounting frame).
    That means you can install it on a 120 x 120 mm fan slot or cooler compatible with 120mm fans. Keep in mind that the fan slot should’t have anything around the socket since the fan frame is bigger.

  160. Hello Alexander,

    Seidon 120V is presealed AIO, which means the coolant inside shouldn’t be refilled. For that reason it shouldn’t leak or evaporate the liquid inside the loop. Of course this is theoretical and depends if everything is assembled are perfectly.
    Also if by any chance the coolant inside leak or evaporates and over time the AIO stop doing it’s job then you can contact the manufacturer for warranty repairs.

  161. Hello,
    In both ways the fan is installed… On top of the heatsink or beneath the heatsink I would install the fan to blow towards the motherboard.
    Like this the fan will cool the heatsink and will cool the surrounding the socket components.

  162. Hello Azfar,

    I am happy to see that you are satisfied with the Silencio fans.
    I hope that this review helped you with your choice.

    Best Regards

  163. Hello and thank you for the good words.
    We are trying to provide the most accurate reviews.

    Hyper T4 is not a bad cooler just its focus is for the mainstream processors.
    Anyway I will definitely recommend to stick with 212EVO since the price difference is small but the performance difference is big.

    Regarding your question I prefer not to recommend since I have no experience with this i5 processor.

    Also did you think of looking for products from another brands? Such as:

    1. Cryorig coolers
    2. Thermalright coolers
    3. Reeven coolers

    We had the chance to test and review some of the models from these brands and all of them are working just fine. Here you can find additional reviews: http://www.dvtests.com/category/tests-and-reviews/cpu-and-vga-coolers/

    Also keep in mind that if the coolers are capable to keep my FX 8350 working at decent temps then they will amazing choice for your CPU also.

    Best Regards

  164. I have to agree with you.
    This cooler is amazing performer… I was impressed of the overall performance.

  165. Hello Stefan,

    Thank you for the suggestion. Actually it is a pretty interesting topic, which will be very nice to be discussed.

    According to http://www.industrialnoisecontrol.com/ the normal noise level for:

    Conversation in restaurant, office, background music, Air conditioning unit at 100 feet. is 60 dBA
    Quiet suburb, conversation at home. Large electrical transformers at 100 feet is 50 dBA
    Library, bird calls (44 dB); lowest limit of urban ambient sound is 40 dBA
    Quiet rural area is 30 dBA
    Whisper, rustling leaves is 20 dBA.

    As you probably know hearing is actually pretty subjective sense and is individual for every person.

    According to NoiseBlocker, BlackSilentFan XK-2 is made to deliver only 19dBA. A noise level, which you are able to hear from 2-3 metres and for me it is quiet.

    In addition:

    Since I made the web page and started testing fans I was thinking hundreds of times how to provide an absolutely quiet sound proof room so I can perform these tests, because it will be totally useless trying to measure fan rated as 19 dBA in a room with ambient noise level of 40 dBA.

    Also I am curious what fan is silent/quiet for you. Could you please tell me brand and model which is absolutely quiet?

    Best Regards

    P.s. Do you mind if I transfer our comments to the http://www.dvtests.com/noiseblocker-blacksilentpro-xk-1-and-xk-2-review/ article?

  166. Before I reply to you and provide you some assistance I would like to advise you to use more appropriate way of communicating. I allowed this comment only because I saw you need help with this cooler.

    I want to ask you several questions because you started criticizing directly the test results.

    1. What is your setup. Please provide me a full details of your system.
    2. What is your ambient temperature. The voltage, which is set to be provided to the processor. What are the fan speeds? What is the thermal compound, which you are using?

    Best Regards

    P.s. If you are willing you can write to me directly an email. You can find it in the about us section.

  167. So let me see if I got you right…

    Your ambient temperature is 40 degrees Celsius..
    Your idle temperature is 40 degrees Celsius..
    Your load temperature is 69 degrees Celsius..

    Well let me share my thoughts.
    1. FX processors are not displaying the idle temperature right. For example my FX 8350 at idle is showing 5-10 degrees Celsius inside a room with ambient temperature 20 degrees. I doubt my CPU is working as air conditioner 🙂
    2. In fact you have ambient temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, you can’t expect lower temperature at idle because the AIO is not air conditioner and to be honest 69 degrees Celsius at full load at ambient temp of 40 degrees is very good result. I believe you should find a way to drop the ambient temperature and then the AIO will drop the processor temp too..
    3. Of course if you have any doubts in this cooler, you can always look for another model but keep in mind that with 40 degrees ambient temperature you shouldn’t expect much 🙂

    P.s. Mate how you live in 40 degrees ambient temperature? 🙂

  168. Well to be honest they are kinda right…
    If you check the graph you will notice that something like an airplane is let’s say 120dB and a normal conversation is like 60dB but in real life the sound of an airplane is like 10 times or even more louder.
    This is because overall the sound is not a vector quantity. It is a scalar quantity.

  169. Hello Loukash and thanks for the good words.
    We are trying to do our best to provide the best possible and the most accurate reviews.

    Best Regards.

  170. For this setup I would recommend Cooler Master Excalibur but this model is EOL for a long time.
    Also u can always check the 120mm fans catalogue, which unite all of the tests done so far – http://www.dvtests.com/120mm-fans-catalogue/

  171. Well this is is very, very good information.
    Something that I didn’t think of so far.
    Indeed this is very interesting.

    I believe the right information is actually the one on the label on the back of the fan but still I think that 4.2W is few for this overall performance.

    Anyway in both cases if only 1 fan is attached to the CPU fan header it will definitely handle the fan.

  172. Well somehow I agree with you.
    It is strange why these models are not yet released.
    I can try to ask for release date but I can’t guarantee if the guys from Noctua will provide me accurate information.

  173. Hello mate,
    I am sorry for the late reply but I’ve been extreme busy these days.

    This is interesting situation and could be cause by several different things:

    1. The ambient temperature in the room increased.
    2. It is possible the thermal compound is more dry and should be replaced.
    3. Your motherboard started delivering higher voltage to the processor.
    4. The contact between the processor and the AIO waterblock is lose.
    5. You need to clean the case from dust. That includes the fans and the AIO radiator.

    Check these and I believe the situation will get better.

  174. The mounting kit is just massive and very rigid. I am impressed of the overall build quality.
    And yes the fans could be a littler bit more powerful even a bit more loud.

    I can say this is one, if not the cheapest twin tower cooler, which I saw so far.

  175. Hello,
    Thanks for the good words.
    I really hope the reviews are useful to you and everybody who reads them.

    The good performing coolers are always heavy and massive and I should add for this one – silent.

  176. Hello and sorry for the late reply.

    Thank you for the good words and I am really happy that this review was helpful in your choice.

  177. Hello and thanks for the comment.
    Actually nothing changed regarding the tests and results.
    SS AP141 is a fan made to provide airflow but in another way. The fan is made to deliver steady airflow to a bigger distance. For example if you install the Noctua fans on the front side of your case they will provide fresh air but will not provide direct cooling for the video cards, while AP141 will deliver the air directly to the fan of the VGA.

  178. You are absolutely right about this and I want to add that this is actually happening with all of the coolers with similar dimensions.

  179. Hello and thanks for the good words.
    Indeed the fan is very, very good product for the price range.
    Yes a bit noisy but who cares for noise in fact it provide amazing cooling performance.

  180. Thank you for the good words…
    According to what I saw on the web, the price for this product is surprisingly low.

    Through my tests I was not able to hear the pump at all in fact both of the fans were working at about 2300 rpm.
    After the tests when I set the fans at silent mode it was absolute quiet but a little bit too sensitive. Every temperature spike was making the fans to make rpm spikes too.

    With silent mode it was fine but with performance mode the fans are constantly increasing and dropping the speed. And after some time it might become a little bit annoying for normal home user. For the extreme users this is a song for the ears.

  181. Thanks for the good words.
    Yes it is a bit strange why the additional heatsinks are hiding the thickness of the radiator itself but from what I saw even with this radiator the AIO is very good performer.
    Yes it is a bit noisy at full fan speed but it provide a lot of possibilities for quiet and extreme cooling.

  182. I am glad that I was able to assist you with this issue.
    As a motherboard for your processor I can recommend Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 for normal daily usage and some average overclock.
    For extreme overclocking you will need motherboard like Asus Sabertooth with much better VRM cooling.
    And at 30~35ºC ambient temperature overclocking will be a little bit tricky and hard to do.

  183. So with changing the thermal compound the temperatures reached the optimum level and everything is fine now ?

  184. Hello mate and sorry for the late reply but i was extreme busy the past few weeks.
    I have no experience with this mobo but let me ask you. Did you read my article and especially about the mounting kit.
    Ashura offers two ways to install the cooler for AMD. Did you tried both of them.

  185. Thanks for the comment.
    Anyway Macho rev.b was announced 2 days ago on the official german TR web page and actually it is the latest model.

  186. Well yes! I can confirm the same thing.
    The fans are amazing but too expensive 🙁 but after all their main purpose is the industrial usage and for that it is required a high quality, which costs money 🙂

  187. Thank you for the feedback.
    I was expecting such thing to happen and I will fix the charts asap I have some free time.

    Thanks again.

  188. Hello Doyll,
    thanks for the good words.
    Here you can see how they perform cooling a heatsink:

    I couldn’t test them on my case, since it is not compatible with round frames.

  189. Hello,
    To be honest I have no clue. The best way to find out is to contact Reeven and ask them.

  190. I had no problems fitting the cooler inside. I believe the information on Raven web page regarding the CPU clearance is wrong.
    So far I installed many coolers inside the case and the only one, which was bending the site panel a bit was True 140 Power, which is 172mm height 🙂

  191. Personally I prefer a high end single tower coolers. It is much easier to operate with them and they provide a slightly higher temps, which are not really scary 🙂

  192. To be honest IB-E couldn’t keep the processor running. I tried this test too but it was not possible to finish it. The cooler was not able to keep the VRMs cool with the fans and the processor was crashing.

    I measure just the room temperature.

  193. The fan should be installed beneath the radiator and should blows toward the CPU and the motherboard.

  194. Share with us what performance it will achieve or already achieved 🙂

  195. All i can do here is fully agree with you. This small cutie is very well balanced product

  196. Well you are right. The price is a bit high but after all this cooler is with specific purpose and is a bit more expensive.

  197. All of them :D,

    They are my precious ! 😛 Every single cooler in this review is a very good product 🙂

  198. Hello and welcome to DVTests,

    These models are entirely new products, which I really hope to be announced as soon as possible. I love them too and I am pretty eager to test them and check how they will perform in real conditions.

    Best Regards

  199. Thanks for the good words.
    We will definitely push harder in ever aspect 🙂

  200. Hello Andrew,
    This all in one water cooler is pre-filled with cooling liquid.
    All you ñeed to do is to install and use it.

    Best Regards

  201. Hello and welcome

    To be honest I never tested corsair product but I expect that blademaster will be louder than the corsair fan, but much better performing one.

    Thanks for the good words and I am happy that the review was useful to you.