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A stealth-inspired black-on-black aesthetic style coming from Fractal Design in the face of Meshify C Mini – Dark TG. Check it out, it's amazing!

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  1. Yes, there is enough space to close the panel, all of the test are conducted in a closed case. Indeed, this is a good question as I had issues closing the panel. The width of the case is 180mm, and as you can see both panels are extruded for extra space, but some particular coolers might have clearance issues.
    It is either a mistake, or Antec have in mind something not stated in the official technical details.
    Nonetheless, the Noctua that I used fits barely and there are couple of mm left of space.

  2. Hello,
    You’re right, actually. For those that want additional cooling a second fan may be placed or a higher RPM one. The fins are not that close to each other, so the whining air noise will not be that much noticeable.
    …and the price is indeed good for the performance you get.

  3. It really looks great and I believe BitFenix is in the right direction with such design. It’s not a spacious case by any stretch of the imagination, but it can hold quite the hardware inside.

  4. Sadly for us, the silence loving users, this piece for cooling isn’t anywhere near silent when the fans spin up above 1000-1200 RPM. Good thing, however, is that it offers plenty of cooling potential even when fans are rotating at 600 RPM. Therefore you have one silent cooler with superb performance. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments guys!

  5. We’re glad that you like the new score system!

    Really big case, yes. And when loaded with hardware it becomes somewhat difficult to move around. But…for the options it provides, weight is not an issue.

  6. @PepiX: The case sure requires attention definitely. The fact that it features integrated five channel fan controller, three preinstalled fans and support for long GPU’s is amazing for the price you pay.

  7. @Dimcho – Yes, the cooler, when kept in reasonable RPM performs pretty well and is also very quiet. Users that own cases with windowed side panels would enjoy a really nice blue color inside the case – this fan shines bright, no doubt. Warranty is somewhat short for a company like Enermax, but considering the heatsink is unbreakable and the fan’s bearing system has proved it’s durability, I think it’s not a deal breaker. 🙂

  8. @Kenneth Verbeure – Currently we’re working on creating videos that would be part of the review process for the sake of every user that would like to hear the sounds and noises of a particular case, cooler or fan!

    @Dimcho – PS10 is dust proof case indeed so expect minimal dust build up over the hardware inside.

    Thank you for the comments!

  9. Video definitely looks amazing and I have to agree with @PepiX that the white version is pretty sexy 🙂

  10. Thank you @Pepi X, it is indeed an eye catchy fan!

  11. It would definitely be nice if we received a test sample, let’s hope for the best.

  12. Yes, it does have some kind of luxurious look 😀 . Hopefully the performance meets the looks.

  13. Thank you for the comments and suggestions guys! The cooler is a good performer, indeed. Very good review as always!

  14. Wow, great and very thorough review. The cooler is simply gigantic and according to the tests it has outstanding performance. 🙂 Nice work

  15. We have no test samples to check out the performance unfortunately.

  16. Yeah! This case looks sick, hopefully we’ll make a review one day!

  17. I’m looking forward to seeing this cooler on a test bench!

  18. Thank you! It’s a great case with many interesting features – I must say that they’re quite handy, well thought and very well made. 🙂 It really does remind of other cases, but it has very distinctive “sharp” exterior.

  19. Nice review and good fan overall!

  20. Well I am not sure if I follow you correctly, but if you’re not satisfied with the rotation speed of the viper from speed fan and your MB, you can try to find let’s say 7 volts from your 4 pin molex directly from the PSU. Either you buy one, or you can do it yourself, it’s not a tricky job.

  21. Having dust filter on the bottom is okay, but keep in mind that there would be actual balls of dust after 1 week (unless you PC case is elevated on a desk or table-that way you would get less, but still some ammount). It’s just the way it is – at least I speak from experience, because mine case is with bottom dust filter which gets really clogged after short period of time.

  22. Hello @cedside

    This fan has huge airflow and is noisy at high RPM, so it will perform pretty good in almost every situation – on the CPU radiator or mounted somewhere in the case. You should consider that if you put an obstacle in front of the fan the noise is multiplied and you have to keep it at low RPM if you don’t like the noise. Overall my opinion is that being mounted on the CPU radiator this fan will perform quite good.

    Feel free to ask any quastions!

  23. Hi Scott,

    I don’t have the case with me to measure it exactly, yet anything thicker than 25-27mm will not fit. You can have a closer look at the photos and the MB stand-off – it’s quite close to the fan itself and this is a standard 25mm thick fan.

    Hope I was able to help


  24. Hi Gugan,

    Antec’s Mercury 360 water cooling solution is with physical dimensions of 394 x 119 x 27 mm and theoretically can be installed in GX1200.

    In the front GX1200 has space for 360mm x 130mm x 40mm radiator. Even though the Mercury 360 is 34mm above the maximum allowed height there is enough space for it.


  25. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your comment.

    To be honest I’m unsure whether exactly the same case fans are available for aftermarket purchase, but you can check in Antec’s website (depending on your region) – http://www.antec.com/index.php?page=cookieSet.

    There are plenty of models with RGB lights and also the Magix box will allow for some control over them.

    Hope you find your most desired fan 🙂


  26. Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for your interest.

    Could you please be more speficic so I can answer effectively?


  27. Thanks Legato, glad you like the detailed review.
    Noise or noise dampening really is quite a subjective thing on my end. I can’t really remember how quiet Define R5 was, but they are pretty close. Honestly, I think that with R5 there were more tests conducted with sound dampening before rolling it to the market, so there is a slight edge there for R5. I’m positive that one will have a hard time comparing both cases unless he sees decibel numbers 🙂


  28. Hi Jacob,

    Couldn’t agree more that too big is relative term here, after reading about your hardware – you definitely need that space.

    Glad you like the review and find it useful 🙂

    We will continue to develop the site further!

    Enjoy the case and articles


  29. Hi Yener,

    Yes, you can unplug them from the fan PCB behind the motherboard tray or the other option would be to have the fans connected to a motherboard fan header. Afterwards you can adjust the speed through the motherboard software and create custom fan profiles.

    Hope that was helpful.


  30. Hi Samuel,

    Unless you mod this case such installation is not possible due to fan mount restrictions.


  31. Hi Chris,

    I replied to you in the Facebook post.

  32. Hi Ankur,

    Front panel can be pulled out easily as it is held only with plastic clips into place. Just carefully pry it out and it comes off.

    I suggest to begin from the bottom 🙂


  33. Oh yes, it’s a well built case overall. Interior is easy to work with and indeed, there is a resemblance between this and FD R4’s design 🙂

  34. Hi,

    I doubt it, however you can try with the TD03 SLIM. If you own the case get a measuring tape and see how many millimeters you can fit on the top fan, near the CPU itself.

    You can get the measures of SilverStone Tundra Series TD03-SLIM here: http://silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=598&area=en


  35. Hi Ian,

    Yes, you can install a DVD reader/writer. It’s called a 5.25″ drive.

    No such thing as a stupid question especially if you are new to the PC gamimlng/building.

  36. Hi POLLY,

    You’re quite right! This Hybrid Liquid Cooler is definitely showing a new approach towards CPU cooling and indeed an effective one!

  37. Hi XILOB,

    Just a normal Philips head screwdriver will do the work 🙂


  38. Hi BIA,

    If I understand you correctly: you can plug a side fan to the integrated fan controller. Another option would be to use a motherboard fan header if your fan has a shorter cable.


  39. Hey Alberto,

    If you own the case currently you can have a look at the rear exhaust fan as right above it you have a 4-pin molex power connector you can use to connect I believe 3 or 4 fans. Each Antec fan has a very small button with High and Low setting. In the accessories box there are 3 additional 4 pin molex to 3 pin fan connectors you can also use to power the fans. Combined with all of the motherboard fan headers (even the budget ones have at lest 2 or 3 fan connectors) you’ll be able to connect all of the fans.
    Another option is to buy Y-split cables and connect all fans to the motherboard so you can control them with a software of via your MB Bios.

    Thanks for commenting!
    If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask us 🙂

    Nikola Milanov

  40. Almost no company out there can match their build quality, performance and overall the value for the product you get.

  41. Yes indeed, it was really silent

  42. Thanks Pepix,

    We’ll try to produce new articles like this one in the near future! 🙂

  43. Couldn’t agree more! I hope they update the fan in a future revision and add some rubber isolation pads to make it even better

  44. Thanks,

    There may be bits and pieces of the cooler that are not that appealing in terms of versatility, however the performance is undeniable! If you put high pressure fans in a push/pull config and want to invest money in such fans I believe that it might be in the top 5 air coolers 🙂

  45. Thanks mate!

    We always try to deliver the best way we can 🙂

    And…yes, Noctua is one of the few companies that are able to stay on the top!

  46. Even with not that mild OC intentions if proper cooling is set up in this chassis it will be a really silent beast of a machine, hands down. And yes, the noise dampening is actually working and doing the job it is intended to do. Loved the case!

  47. Yep, there is a version with a side panel window, which looks awesome!

  48. Definitely FD rarely makes mistakes. Although the cases might look similar they’re always listening to the feedback and improve them accordingly.

  49. Hello,
    Thanks for the kind words. Honestly I have to say that the fit is dependent on the RAM modules you will install as well as if there is a higher heat sink on the motherboard. I have not tried that case, so I am not familiar with its internal layout in particular. I believe it should fit tightly, but can’t say 100% that I am positive. And yes, you are right about the thickness of the rad, along with the protruding pumps.

    P.S: I would try it.

    Best regards,

  50. Yep, as far as I remember it is indeed a bit tricky to install some of the parts, however once you do it everything is nice and tidy. 🙂

  51. A lot of time has passed since the last mod we presented here…what do you say DK? Another one? It’d be a pleasure!

  52. Absolutely, I also think it would be a hell of a good cooler!

  53. Definitely the lack of ODD is a minus for many, however the case is fit for the purpose of being a beautiful addition to any room, it almost seems like a piece of furniture.

  54. Oh yes it is! Sleek and stylish 🙂

  55. I do hope we could get one of these Hive coolers from Cryorig and test the live out of it!

  56. Hey Costea, it will definitely fit as it is not much larger than Intel stock cooler. There will be enough room for the cooler to “breathe”. 🙂

  57. Hey Doyll,

    What do you mean it cannot support fans on the two bottom vents? The feet of Phantom 410 actually have a function beyond the design as they elevate the case a bit in order to allow more space for air to the PSU intake fan and to the bottom fan near the HDD cage if such is installed.

  58. Thanks for sharing the information Jay! You were able to fit quite the hardware inside GD09! It is definitely a cool HTPC case and I like the fact you shared the setup here with us! 🙂

  59. Thank you, Alex1!
    Glad you appreciate the work!

  60. Hi Jay,

    Sorry for the delayed answer. GTX 970 should fit, as it is slightly smaller than R9 270X, which I was able to fit in the case at the time of review. It was a tight fit, but if you get a more compact GTX970 there will be no issues installing it in the case.

  61. Hi Shomu,
    With that budget in mind many coolers will fit in the case, even some high performance once. I am not quite familiar with the pricing in Australia, although going with a high quality brand like Noctua, Thermalright etc. you will have no need of going liquid. Some 120mm liquid coolers are good options, but they will not outperform a high quality air CPU cooler. For around 100$ AUD you can get even above budget “bang for the buck” cooler, only thing you need to consider is the max.height of 158mm.

  62. Hello Shomu,

    According to the technical specs, 158 mm is the maximum CPU cooler height. There are pretty good cooler out there which fit the description, can you tell approximate budget?

    P.S: Corsair are not really in the budget CPU cooler market if you ask me.

  63. In smaller form, perhaps. Less heat pipes and one fan in the middle to improve compatibility, as well as the specific shape of the lower fins of the heat sinks.
    But I do hope for outstanding performance from a company like Thermalright, even with “only six” heat pipes.
    Happy Christmas!

  64. That’s good news! Thermalright do make one of the best coolers out there.

  65. Yes, indeed. The fan is quite silent and it does a nice job cooling the fins. Even if it being as a standalone fan is not a bad idea at all.

  66. Yep, some might like it, some might not, but in the end of the day it looks like a good case with cooling in mind.

  67. Hello Emmet,

    Well, if you are sure that the cable is connected properly, check if audio is not disabled in BIOS or set to AC97. You cannot get any sound output at the FPA – check the sound driver as well.


  68. Definitely a good looking case from Antec!

  69. Hi there William,
    there are different setup options for water cooling, depending on the needs, of course. Usually it is best to provide fresh cool air from the outside through the water cooling radiator.
    Could you be a little more specific with your advice, so that I am sure I follow you correctly?


  70. Hello there,

    I would like to be positive Andrew, however the width restriction of the GPU for the Silverstone GD09 is 5.25″ or 133 mm. The Arctic Accelero Mono Plus cooler seems to be 136 mm, at least on the official website. Either it would be a very, very tight fit, or more likely you would not be able to close the top panel.

    Best regards,

  71. Hi, the case looks extremely clean and the price for the windowed version is around 115$, making it not so expensive and worth the buy if you are fond of the case.

  72. Thank you!
    The case is really big and very easy to work with and install/remove hardware easily. Perfectly suits my job at DVTests 😀

  73. If that is correct we might have some pretty serious competition in the face of other, dual tower coolers.

  74. It is quite a unique case really!

  75. Thank you! We try to be as thorough as possible in our reviews, as long as they’re not boring to read.

    Antec GX500 is a great, but small case, regarding the installation of 240mm radiator. I tried mounitng Silverstone TD02 (which is a huge AIO btw) but it couldn’t even go inside the case. 140mm watercooling radoator is going to be perfectly fine even if you overclock, as aircoolers with bigger dimensions are difficult to be placed inside GX500.