BE QUIET! Dark Rock TF

Dark Rock TF is made of copper for the heat pipes and aluminum for the heat sinks, finished off with dark nickel, giving it quite a stunning look as most of the coolers in Be quiet!’s line up of coolers. Information is a bit insufficient at the moment, but what we know you will know as well. Physical dimensions are 162.6 x 140 x 130.8 millimetre (L x W x H) with the two fans installed, 108.8mm of height when top fan is not installed.


So this is a C-type cooler and what this means is that the design deviates from the standard tower coolers. What is more special about this particular piece of cooling piece is the fact it has 2 heat sinks one on top of the other, making it quite special and unique in its design. What this should bring to the table is very well balanced performance/silence ratio, which is only achieved by the very expensive and usually hard to install high end coolers as they offer not only superb cooling capabilities but compatibility issues as well.


This stunning design in all black finish has cooling capacity of 220W TDP…at 26.7 dBA…with two 140mm fans. So this is a very hard promise to keep, but I have faith in Be Quiet! and I am sure when the reviews arrive many people may be surprised. A total of 6 heat pipes are present with diameter of 6mm each, all of them covered in that lovely dark nickel finish.

Two pieces of SilentWings® 135mm PWM fan are included and they feature fluid-dynamic bearing with copper coresix-pole motor for smoother operation and less turbulence. Rubber pads are also included to further dampen the noise output.

Compatibility is with all current Intel® and AMD™ sockets.


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  1. Reply PepiX 29.05.2015 at 21:45

    This thing really looks stunning. Love its look.

    • Reply Nikola Milanov 31.05.2015 at 19:27

      Absolutely, I also think it would be a hell of a good cooler!

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