Computex 2015: Fractal Design

  • Computex 2015: Fractal Design
  • Core 500
  • Core 500 Interior
  • Node 202
  • Node 202
  • Node 202 + Integra SFX 450W PSU
  • Node 202 rear
  • Node 202
  • Kelvin T12
  • Kelvin S24
  • Kelvin S36

NODE 202
Size does matter.

Node 202 is a small case, designed specifically for smaller systems, but with decent gaming capabilities. Quite sleek and beautiful case, that can be purchased in two versions – with a PSU or without one. If you purchase it with a PSU what you’re getting is a Fractal Design Integra SFX 450W PSU that will get your system going just fine. What is even better, the small case can be placed in very convenient places where usually space is restricted and doesn’t allow much options of housing a PC – next to the TV in the living room or on your desk in the office. The volume of this case is 10.2 liters.


The interior is allowing for sufficient space between the components, so heat dissipation is not influencing the performance. Inside the Node 202 you can install Mini-ITX motherboards, SFX power supplies and graphics cards up to 310mm in length. Dust filters are included for easy cleaning and dust free environment. The case can be placed both horizontally and vertically, which further increases the spaces where it could possibly fit. Two expansion slots are available and mounts for two 120mm fans so cooling can be improved if you find the need to do so. Physical dimensions are (horizontal): (WxHxD): 377 x 82 x 330 mm.

 Node 500

Small footprint. Big potential.

In need of a well built gaming case which you need to place on your desk without breaking it? Well, Fractal Design have an answer for that as well – Node 500 case that is capable of housing powerful hardware inside while being small and compact. Exterior-wise the case has a brushed aluminum-look front panel and very well placed mesh grill on the side.


The case is around 19.5 liters of volume, slightly larger than the Node 202, but you get a bit more interior-wise:

  • three 3.5″drives and three 2.5″ drives
  • one ODD bay
  • one Silent Series R3 140mm fan (with two more slots for 140mm fans)
  • water cooling radiators up to 280mm
  • air coolers up to 170 mm in height
  • supports Mini-ITX motherboards, ATX power supplies and graphics cards up to 310mm in length
  • magnetic filters on side and top panel, PSU filter is also included

Physical dimensions are: (WxHxD) 250 x 213 x 380 mm.

Fractal Design Kelvin Series

Powerful. Quiet. Expandable.

It was not that long ago when Fractal Design announced Kelvin series AIO liquid CPU coolers, and I had the chance of testing Kelvin S24. In the review I mentioned that I would really like to see a revised version of the cooler as there were little room for improvement, but nonetheless it was worth it. Well, it seems that yet again Fractal Design have listened to the feedback (not only by me) and revised the Kelvin Series to make them even better.


Which products are in Kelvin line up:

  • Kelvin T12 – a 120mm water cooling radiator with 120mm PWM controlled fan
  • Kelvin S24 – a 240mm water cooling radiator with two 120mm PWM controlled fans
  • Kelvin S36 – a 360mm water cooling radiator with three 120mm PWM controlled fans

What is unique about them is the ability to attach more water cooling parts and add for exapmle your GPU water cooling plate in the loop. Expandability is supported by all three models.

What Fractal Design improved?


  • Fans are updated to Dynamic GP-12 PWM, making less noise and providing better performance. PWM range is now between 500 – 2000 RPM.
  • An adapter for 9 Volts to help control desired speed and noise level for the pump
  • Improved and strengthened fill port, that can be now opened with a coin or allen key
  • Radiator screws updated to PH2 heads for simple management
  • PWM splitter does not include mesh to match the updated fans


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