Cryorig H5 Ultimate – Test and Review

Since its start Cryorig has enabled us, the customers, to see that even at affordable prices the performance can really be ultimate and most of all to be a good investment that would do its purpose flawlessly.

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Rubbing my hands eagerly in expectation of the test and review made me think that just looking at the box will not take me anywhere to land of productivity, so let’s begin, shall we.

Cryorig H5 Ultimate is one of the more affordable coolers in Cryorig’s portfolio. Today I have my hands on such a sample and I can’t wait to test and review it. I will take you on a short journey through the package, the additional accessories, the cooler structure and after that perform several cooling tests.

Taking an overview of the package that H5 Ultimate comes in, we are able to see its user friendly design, accompanied by the company’s color scheme and interesting font used for inscription. It’s an overall excellent package that I am really fond of and it gives as detailed of a picture for the product inside as possible.


The box itself is informative, main emphasis is on the frontal photo of the cooler, the sides are full of technical specifications and different technologies used in the making of this CPU cooler. Typical Cryorig packaging with sturdy design and confidence insuring external protection for the product inside.

 First look inside of the box
The cooler itself
cryorig-h5-ultimate01 cryorig-h5-ultimate07


First thing after that one can see after opening the package is the H5 Ultimate’s included fan and the carton wrapping it up all the way for protection. Finding my way through the carton was a pleasure and eagerly I was able to find the finish line and then the cooler revealed itself. All wrapped up and nicely protected.


Everything was nicely packed, labeled and neatly covered in nylon to ensure protection and harmless arrival to the end user. Very good.

Let’s check out the accessories and what do they offer.



Removing the nylons was as easy as it gets, and looking at the accessories I must admit how nicely surprised I was to see that many parts included. Excellent. I’ve tidied up the parts for a photo and carefully inspected every one of them. All were in pristine condition with no manufacturing marks and scuffs.


The standard Cryorig H5 Ultimate package offers:

1 x Cryorig screwdriver
1 x Product registration card for extending the warranty with additional 3 years
1 x Installation manual (Intel and AMD)
1 x backplate for Intel
1 x backplate for AMD
1 x syringe of premium Cryorig CP9 thermal compound
1 x rubber piece for s.775
4 x metal screws
4 x metal nuts
2 x metal bars
2 x additional metal clips for installing a second fan

Overall, it’s a great deal of packaging and additional accessories that will ensure easy installation for even the most novice users.

Now that I’ve checked the additional accessories, let’s move forward with the cooler’s examination, its structure.



In order for me to be as thorough as possible I took the cooler and closely examined it. It’s a big cooler with very interesting features that we do know in different designs, so it would be interesting to see how this cooler fairs compared to its bigger brothers from Cryorig’s portfolio.

Hive Fin™, Jet Fin Acceleration™, Heatpipe Convex-Align™ are all technologies used in the making of the heat sink. High Precision Low Noise bearing is used for the fan and Multiseg™ is the mounting system. All of those components are quite important and collectively improve H5 Ultimate’s performance.

 The contact plate
H5 Ultimate design
cryorig-h5-ultimate16 cryorig-h5-ultimate18


H5 Ultimate’s physical dimensions are L110.9 x W143 x H160 ~ 168.3mm (Fan position is adjustable) and the total weight your motherboard socket will have to bear is 920 g with the fan installed. Without it it’s 764 g.

The cooler is manufactured with perfectly milled C1100 Pure copper nickel plated contact plate with dimensions of 40 x 45 mm, attached with 4 units of Ø6mm nickel coated copper heat pipes arranged according to the Convex-Align™ system, allowing more heat pipes to be arranged in a given area. This provides better contact and better heat distribution through all neighboring heat pipes. When looked from the side, H5 Ultimate displays its curved heat pipes allowing it to be slightly more compact.

In order to improve the appearance of the cooler itself, Cryorig have supplied a top plastic cover, painted in black and bearing the company logo in grey which looks quite premium and adds additional value.

Let’s have a look at the fin stack array and what it has to offer.

 Side view
Front view
cryorig-h5-ultimate20 cryorig-h5-ultimate21


Cryorig H5 Ultimate offers a symmetrical to the center of the heat sink design and there is less RAM compatibility with this cooler due to that fact. In essence, however, the compatibility is saved as the fan can be adjusted accordingly depending on your RAM modules’ height. Moreover, considering most motherboards nowadays have multiple DIMM slots you might just be lucky enough to run into zero compatibility issues. If you, however, are in possession of low profile RAM modules (from 30mm to 35mm) you shouldn’t worry at all. This is the allowed height compatible with H5 Ultimte.

Consisting of 38 aluminum fins aligned in Hive Fin configuration, H5 Ultimate has increased heat dissipation area. Each fin is with 0.4mm of thickness and there is 2.8mm of space between each fin couple. This totals to 85.9mm (L) x 143mm (W) x 160mm (H) of heat sink size, allowing to efficiently cool down 180 W of TDP.

Moving forward with the structure of H5 Ultimate we will have a closer look at the included fan.

Fan brackets FX140 fan


The standard Cryorig H5 Ultimate package offers one FX140 fan with dimensions of L140 mm x W140 mm x H25.4 mm and weight of 156g  featuring grey square frame, completed with rubber mounts (Acoustic Vibration Absorbers) on the corners to dampen any vibrations and a propeller with 11 narrow blades with piano black finish at their ends. This configuration allows the fan to operate in the range of 700 ~ 1300 RPM ±10 %, delivering airflow of 76 CFM when rotating at maximum RPM and maintaining noise levels between 19 ~ 23 dBA. FX140 delivers 1.44 mmH2O of air pressure. The connection between the frames and the propellers is done by a 4-pin PWM powered and regulated CRYORIG’s HPLN (High Precision Low Noise) bearing, which provides excellent performance and longevity of the fan.

And this is what the cooler looks like with the fan installed.

In the included package there are two additional fan clips for a second fan should you need it. This will improve performance and increase the noise output in certain situations, so the decision is left to you.

  1. Intel sockets: LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA775, LGA 1366, LGA2011, LGA2011 v3
  2. AMD sockets:  AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+

In order to install this cooler on my system I will use the Intel set of brackets and as always your best friend prior to installation will be the installation manual. Using the mounting kit is really a breeze of a job.

Intel mounting kit + thermal grease Back plate installed + paste


Please note that only one of the screwdrivers is included (black one) as the other is a spare one I have sitting around for additional help if needed. To install this Ultimate cooler you need to align the black metal back plate to the socket holes on the motherboard, where previously on the back plate you’ve aligned your socket spacing (in this case s.1150, for example s.1366 is with a larger diagonal). Next step in the installation was to bolt on the metal screws, which in this case serve as a stand offs/pillars for the next part installation – metal bars. Those metal bars are held into place with 2 nuts each and you only need to hand tighten all parts, don’t overdo it. In fact, things fit so nicely to each other that there is little need to worry.

Last step is of course to sit the heat sink assembly on top of those metal bars and utilize the included screwdriver to tighten the cooler.

Take a moment to look at how Cryorig H5 Ultimate sits on the motherboard and mostly covers it.

H5 Ultimate installed View from the side


As this cooler comes with a full width fan and no offset on the heat pipes, for example like Cryorig H7 does, there is little interference with RAM modules. In this case, as seen from the photos I had to move the RAM modules to the other DIMM slots for the sake of keeping the system’s specs. There is a minor chance that with RAM modules which offer no heat spreader you would be able to fully utilize all DIMM slots on your motherboard if such need comes into play.

And this is what the cooler looks like installed on the motherboard and inside the case ready for testing.

Since the cooler is installed and ready to face the tests I believe it is time to check my testing rig and continue onward with the review.



Intel Z97 Test system

  • CPU: Intel i5-4670K
  1. At standard frequency 3.400 MHz (Voltage set to Auto when not OC-ing)
  2. At low overclock frequency of 3.900 MHz  (at 1.205V)
  3. At medium overclock frequency of 4.300 MHz (at 1.23V)
  • Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VII HERO Z97
  • Video card: MSI AMD R9 280X GAMING 3G
  • Memory: Kingston Hyper-X SAVAGE 8 GB, Dual channel, 1866 MHz
  • Solid State Drive: Intel 530 Series, 120 GB
  • Hard drive: Western Digital 1 TB RED NAS series
  • Case: Antec GX1200
  • Power supply:  Corsair RM750 W
  • Cooler: Cryorig H5 Ultimate
  • Thermal paste: Cryorig CP9 thermal compound

For this test and review I am going to use the standard FX140 balance fan working at full speed of 1300 revolutions per minute providing airflow level of 76 CFM at noise level of 23 dB(A).

The tests were conducted in a closed system with:

  1. 2 x Antec 120mm case fans – front panel putting fresh air in and spinning at about 1200 RPM
  2. 1 x Antec 120mm case fan – rear mounted, serving as exhaust and spinning at about 1200 RPM
  3. Room temperature of about 22 degrees.

The Antec 120mm fans were connected to the motherboard fan headers and were rotating at maximum speed.

And here I want to describe my testing method.

I will install Cryorig H5 Ultimate and do stress tests using Prime95 AVX software with constant load on the cooler for 14:30 minutes with custom settings of minimum FFT size (in K of 128), max FFT size (in K of 128) and Run FFTs in place at standard frequency of 3.400 MHz (at Auto Voltage), at low overclock frequency of 3.900 MHz  (at 1.205V) and at medium overclock frequency of 4.300 MHz (at 1.23V) using only the fan provided in the package, installed on the front of the fin stack.

Now let’s check out the test results that Cryorig H5 was able to deliver:

 H5 Ultimate @3.4 GHz, Idle
H5 Ultimate @3.4 GHz, Load

And when overclocked:

H5 Ultimate @3.9 GHz, Load
H5 Ultimate @4.3 GHz, Load


All of the test results have been summed up in the following charts:

And the fan speed during the tests:

think the time to express my initial thoughts and feelings about this product has arrived.



1. Cryorig H5 Ultimate performance:

H5’s presentation with the package speaks well of the company, their values and what they are around on the market for. The box itself is really well made, packaging is superb, build quality is near brilliant. Additional accessories are top notch – you have upgrade options for a second fan with additional rubber grommets, thermal grease for several applications and user manual that couldn’t have been more helpful and illustrative. To make things even better Cryorig have added the extremely handy and amazing idea to have a template of the cooler made from paper (option here – once you print it out to check compatibility. This is I would say quite an example of customer service, to say the least.

PWM support, quiet fan, excellent amount of air moved and solid cooling are only one third of the things we can say about this piece of posited metal. At highest of speeds the fan has that usual sound of moving a lot of air through tiny spaces, but it’s actually quite bearable and there are no unexpected vibrations or buzzing sounds coming out of the propeller or motor. Very smooth operation of the fan indeed. At idle the fan barely spins and any chance of you hearing it will mean you’re a noise freak.

Performance-wise I’m quite impressed and pleasantly surprised by the cooler considering the price range it aims for. The CPU never passed 70 degrees Celsius which I would consider a point of where you should reconsider 24/7 use. Having in mind the tremendously high load which Prime95 puts on the processor H5 Ultimate did a great job. I would definitely recommend this heat sink to gamers who don’t take overclock lightly. Excellent performance! Rated at 140W TDP, H5 can handle most of the challenging situations you may put it through.

No severe issues with compatibility, with the minor exception of the DIMM modules relocation, so please have that in mind especially if your RAM has high heat spreaders.

2. Cryorig H5 Ultimate appearance:

Great looking cooler with additional features like the top black cover used to bump the visuals to a certain degree of looking “slick”, combined with the beautiful and stunning array of fins. On top of that add the subtle fan color scheme of grey and black, which I believe really suits most color schemes, and it goes well with orange, red, black, white, green…you name it. Excellent looks for a cooler of this price range and that’s not even performance mentioned.

According to my review, I think that Cryorig H5 Ultimate deserves the following award:


Official price (MSRP) for Cryorig H5 Ultimate: 39.99 euro

Official warranty: up to 6 years with the extender warranty card

Special thanks to Cryorig for providing us with a test sample!


Cryorig H5 Ultimate – Test and Review
Excellent performance! Rated at 140W TDP, H5 can handle most of the challenging situations you may put it through.
8.9 Total Score

Excellent performance! Rated at 140W TDP, H5 can handle most of the challenging situations you may put it through.

Noise Level
Additional accessories
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