Cryorig H7

H7 is a cooler designed to fit in cases where the maximum CPU cooler height is limited, as it comes with 145mm of height which means high compatibility out of the box. As of now there are no further technical specifications for physical dimensions, due to the cooler being still only announced on the Cryorig official website. Another important feature of the H7 cooler will be the Zero RAM Interference, even though there is still no full photo of the cooling solution.

From the picture below we can determine that there is a slight offset of the copper heat pipes from the center of the copper base, allowing for that RAM clearance.


Along with the H7 release, Cryorig is providing a cooling fan with it from their new series – QF. The fan has PWM control and is 120mm with a standard frame of 25mm as we can tell from the photos.


The 120mm fan is featuring Quad Air Inlet™, technology used in previous Cryorig products, which basically is represented by four small holes in the fan frame providing additional room for a larger total airflow output.

Right after the release of H7, QF fan series will be released in three different RPM levels – Silent, Balanced and Performance, as with the H7 we will see the Balanced mode which has maximum 1600 RPM, no other info is available at the moment.

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