About a week ago Enermax announced their newly developed PC fan – D.F. PRESSURE. A technology called DFR (Dust Free Rotation) is used in the engineering process to prevent dust accumulation on the fan blades, hence prolonging the life of the fan itself. It allows the fan to spin in reverse for 10 seconds upon computer start, which will not damage or harm the hardware, then the fan stops and returns to normal operation.

One of the main features of these fans is APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) where the user can select the speed range of the fan depending on the individual preferences. Another part of the fan is High Pressure Blades design, which greatly increases the air pressure generated by the blades with a more aggressive curve used in each fan blade. To be specific Enermax mentions 4.812mm-H2O of air pressure at maximum RPM, while noise output is minimal.


The high pressure blades also allow for a more direct and focused airflow. APS  on the other hand serves as a controller of the speed that you can select with the new switch on the side of the fan frame. PWM function is also available and included which makes the fan really appetizing and solid investment in your machine.

All in all the fan looks great and hopefully we will get some test samples soon enough.

Have a look at the video below:

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