Enermax LiqTech TR4 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Series

With the presence of AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors, there is certainly a need for cooling. Enermax presents to us their new AIO liquid CPU coolers – LiqTech TR4, a name that is easily connected to the processor line.

What is the series all about? Well, to put it mildly, it’s a beasty and buffed version of any AIO coolers we’re used to seeing on the market. What makes it just a bit more special will be described below in the news article, so keep on reading.

I’ll start by saying that the series of coolers is 500W+ TDP certified, so a pretty sufficient cooling is expected, especially in the enthusiast rated machines where overclocking is just the everyday theme.

LiqTech TR4 series consists of three versions, different in size and some other technical details and features. All of the coolers feature maintenance-free system and come pre-filled with coolant that will last for a long time and will provide very good cooling performance. The coolant is pre-filled in an aluminum-made radiator in all three versions of the LiqTech TR4 – 240mm, 280mm, and the monster-like 360mm radiator with model names – TR 240, TR 280 and TR 360 respectively. Attached to the radiator are 400mm long Polyamide (PA) rubber tubes with 4 layers that will keep the coolant nice and fresh at all times.

LiqTech TR 240 – weighs 1,100 grams and comes with 2 x 120 mm Enermax fans. Physical dimensions of the radiator are (W) 270 mm x (H) 120 mm x (D) 39 mm.

LiqTech TR 280 – weighs 1,260 grams and comes with 2 x 140 mm Enermax fans. Physical dimensions of the radiator are (W) 313 mm x (H) 140 mm x (D) 28 mm.

LiqTech TR 360 – weighs 1,395 grams and comes with 3 x 120 mm Enermax fans. Physical dimensions of the radiator are (W) 402 mm x (H) 120 mm x (D) 28 mm.

At the end of the rubber tubes, sits the heart of any AIO – the pump assembly and contact plate. LiqTech TR4 series is packing a newly designed cold plate made from copper using CNC milling that provides 100% sTR4 IHS Coverage ensuring cooling performance stays at a high level. Shunt-Channel Technology enables the coolant to flow more efficiently through the fins, minimizing the “Boundary Layer” effect. To top things off a nice LED illuminated Enermax logo beautifully shines on the top cover of the pump assembly.

Powerful EF1 pump design delivers up to 450 liters per minute, which is claimed to deliver up to 7 times the performance of other AIO solutions. Ceramic nano PI bearing with 100,000h MTBF will ensure the pump’s long and quiet life even while rotating at 3,000 RPM.

As for the included fans, Enermax includes high-quality blades from the Twister Pressure fan series. Patented Twister bearing technology provides great lifespan and quiet, efficient operation. LiqTech TR 240 and LiqTech TR360 include the 120mm version of the Twister fans, while TR 280 is equipped with the 140mm beefier fan.

Twister Pressure 120mm has a frame with physical dimensions of (W) 120 mm x (H) 120 mm x (D) 25 mm. The fan speed is in the range of 500 -2300 RPM, allowing between 40.45 ~ 173.59 m3/h of airflow. As the name suggests the air pressure is excellent at 6.28 mm-H2O when the fan spins at maximum revolutions. Noise level varies from 14 to 28 dBA, depending on the fan speed.

Twister Pressure 140mm has a frame with physical dimensions of (W) 140 mm x (H) 140 mm x (D) 25 mm. The fan speed is between 500 – 1500 RPM, allowing for 54.13 ~ 137.13 m3/h of airflow. Air pressure is 4.81 mm-H2O at maximum RPM. Noise level is between 14 – 25 dBA.

All fan versions have 160,000 hours of MTBF and use a 4-pin PWM fan connector.

Enermax LiqTech TR4 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Series are compatible only with AMD® TR4 / SP3 socket. All models come with Dow Corning® TC-5121 thermal grease included in the package as well as necessary mounting accessories.

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  1. Reply NikolasDad 31.12.2017 at 13:57

    Really the only thing that matters, is weather they use a Aluminium Radiator or a copper one. This one sadly, uses a copper radiator. Over time galvanic corrosion will cause a all in one like this to leak. Better off with a superior all in one like the BeQuiet “Silent Loop”, or Cooler Master’s “Eisberg” 240L which are both all copper.

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