Enermax T.B.Vegas Single

T.B.Vegas Single are among the “Ahead of the game” series and have the same characteristics, the only difference is the color they come equipped with. According to the actual model, each fan has up to 48 LEDs, which is quite impressive – even behind tinted windows on the side panels of a case or the mesh grills these fans are really going to leave an impression. Integrated micro-chip is capable of producing five different lighting effects, backed up by the fan’s blades that curve the light, just to make things more impressive and eye-candy. This chip also memorizes the setting, so when you turn on the PC next time, you’d be greeted with the same light show.

All fans are standard 120mm fans – W120 x H120 x D25, equipped with Patented Twister Bearing Technology and Punched HALO frame, seven blades and a small switch to choose three different operating presets – Ultra Silent Mode, Silent Mode, Performance Mode – Enermax calls it APS mode (Adjustable Peak Speed). The RPM range is between 500 and 1800, according to the preset. Each fan is PWM controlled.

T.B.Vegas Single is capable of producing airflow between 34.69 ~ 129.09 m³/h – the first value being the minimum, and noise is 14 – 25 dbA, with the second value being at 12 volts – the maximum operating voltage.



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    Thank you @Pepi X, it is indeed an eye catchy fan!

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    Milanov.. you give us quite an eye catching product introductions.. :THUMBS UP:

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