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Fractal Design Celsius Series

Celsius series – new product of Fractal Design that has been recently introduced and is a nice continuation or should I say next generation of their previous Kelvin series. Celsius is All-in-one CPU cooler made to provide ample cooling capabilities in demanding environments, supporting great features that allow the end user to be flexible in terms of cuztomization of the product. There are two product in this category for the time being – Celsius S24 and S36. Judging by the product names we can easily conclude that we’re talking about 240mm and 360mm water cooling radiators respectively – no doubt about that. Given that these are Fractal Design products we can expect great quality and performance alike.

Celsius S24 and S36 feature aluminum radiators both for the housing and radiator fins, black paint finish all around, providing excellent look, modern and stylish to suit large number of neat interiors regardless of their color scheme.

S24 features radiator with physical dimensions of 284*122*31 mm and is equipped with G1/4″  threads for great compatibility. Running from the radiator with G/4″ metal fittings (removable) to the water block housing there are two flexible 400mm tubes with high quality sleeve and low permeability. They are attached with non-removable, durable metal fittings. Water block was redesigned and noise dampening material is now integrated within the block, allowing for silent operation. As usual the contact plate is made of copper using Fifth generation technology. Thermal paste is added out of the factory – stated that it has high thermal conductivity.

Water pump has ceramic bearing and shaft which will endure through the years of use and ensure long lasting product. PWM control is present allowing for manual fine tuning and for the rest end users there is Intelligent Auto mode (temperature controlled) that balances silence/performance operation. At full speed the pump is stated to produce only 20 dBA of noise, which is quite impressive. Maximum pressure generated at full speed (3150 RPM) sits at 1m of H2O or 1.45 PSI. Lowest RPM for the pump are 1950 and operating voltage of the pump is 12 V Direct Current. Over 50 000 hours of MTTF.

Included fans in Celsius S24 are two Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 PWM with rotational speed of 500 – 2000 RPM, featuring LLS bearing ensuring more than 100 000 hours of MTBF. Both fans are PWM controlled and can be connected to the integrated fan hub located on the radiator – a very neat decision. Emoted noise at maximum load sits at  32.2 dBA and is this case each fan delivers 148.8 m3/h of airflow with 2.30 mm H2O of air pressure.

Another great feature for Celsius series is the option to modify the cooler for GPU use through DIY components – that will make your system even quieter and cooler at the same time.

Celsius S36 on the other hand comes with aluminum radiator with 403*123*30 mm physical dimensions and three Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 PWM fans. All other features and characteristics remain the same. Of course going for this model you will most likely enjoy better cooling, but what needs considering is the size of your case’s interior.

Supported motherboard sockets:

  • Sockets supported (Intel): 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-v3
  • Sockets supported (AMD): AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2, FM2+

Take a look at this great product overview video from Fractal Design:

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