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Gelid Solutions Icy Vision (Rev .2)

This VGA Cooler offers five high performance heatpipes, pure copper base for outstanding heat dissipation, 85 aluminum fins and two 92mm ball-bearing UV-reactive fans with S-shaped blades for 20% more airflow than traditional fans. Gelid Solutions claims that the cooler won’t exceed noise level over 26 dBA at maximum speed.


The second revision of the popular Icy Vision-A VGA Cooler doesn’t offer any actual fan or heatpipe changes from its predecessor, but now it does support Nvidia graphic cards and SLI. To be more specific – 9800GT, 9800GTX, GTS250, GTX260, 275, 280, 285, GTS450, GTX 460, GTX465, GTX470, GTX480, GTX550TI, GTX560TI, GTX570, GTX580, Quadro 4000, GTX680, GTX Titan, GTX770 (by using stand-off) and GTX 780 for the Nvidia team…

…and for the AMD team (with additional older models support) – HD4850, HD4870, HD4890, HD5830, HD5850, HD5870, HD6850, HD6870, HD6950*, HD6970*, HD7850, 7870R9 270X and R9 290X, as the HD4850, HD4870, HD4890 and HD5830 are the new supported models. For the HD69xx series (first edition) there is an Enhancement Kit for additional purchase  due to the specifics of the boards.

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