Lepa AquaChanger 120/240

Here we have two completely new liquid cooling solutions from Lepa, a company that until recently had only one CPU cooler in their line up, which we had the pleasure of testing. You can check out the test and review of LEPA LV12 CPU Cooler.  Now, the same company has offered its fans a water cooling radiators with 120mm and 240mm sizes that feature aggressive design and cool technology behind their manufacturing process – AquaChanger 120 and 240.

Beginning with the smaller one of both cooler we have the AquaChanger 120, featuring a 120mm radiator and 120mm fan, controlled by PWM. Fan is manufactured with Dual Convex Blade design that improves the overall airflow and air pressure. Radiator dimensions are not mentioned in the official website, but I would guess it is standard sized, so no surprises should be present. The 120mm fan operates between 500 ~ 2300 RPM with a maximum static pressure of 4.5 mm-H2O and airflow level between 38.2 ~ 176.0 m3/h, making it quite the powerful inclusion in the package, but that comes with the cost of additional noise – 14 ~ 35 dBA, so some users might find it not that great at maximum RPM.


Some of the technologies involved in the production of these coolers are: Central Diffusing Passage Cold Plate (CDP) – responsible for the improved heat absorption and thermal conductivity. Protrusive Copper Base is used here as it allows for more fluid going to the CPU plate and cooler liquid always being there, which should result in more efficiency overall. The pump uses Ceramic Bearing for longevity and smooth operation with MTBF of 50 000 hours. Tubing is made with multiple layers and Lepa calls it Anti-Leakage Tube as it is more durable than some of the other tubing options provided by different manufacturers – it has four layers.


The bigger option, AquaChanger 240 is a 240mm radiator with 2 included 120mm fans (120 × 120 × 25 mm) with the same technical specifications. There is an LED indicator on the pump for power indicator and better visual presentation.


The metal mounting kit is compatible with both Intel and AMD.

  • Intel® LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011 and
  • AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+

Hopefully we can get our hands on these liquid coolers from Lepa and put the to the test.

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