LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm and Spiral 120mm review

As soon as I got the test samples I was so excited and I took two of the models just to check how they look. And I was sooo impressed.

The Lepa models offer very nice features, which I will try to explain in this review and for the official technical details, please visit the official web page: http://www.lepatek.eu/

So, as the title of the article says, in this test and review I will talk about LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm and LEPA Casino Spiral 120m.

Both of the fans were given to me in an almost the same cartoon boxes with a see through plastic cut, through which you can see the fan structure, and a carton part covering the accessories. Both of the fans look very similar when they are inside their packages and according to the information on the front panel of the box, the only difference should be only the backlight. Of course, the full technical details and detailed information about the backlight is on the back of their boxes.

LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm:

First thing I noticed after I took the fan out of the box was the very interesting structure. To be honest, lately I’ve been testing products from a lot of new brands and every single one of them had something unique. What I saw here was that we had a fan with typical Enermax T.B.Vegas DUO backlight features and propeller structure with slightly modified frame that, here is the interesting part… offers a channeling technology (in this product it is called Vortex Frame). So basically, the model offers an aggresive semi-transparent black frame, which is not exactly standard with channeling (V0rtex effect) on the back side. Apart from that the model is supplied with a transparent propeller with 7 blades with a small reflecting (mirroring) part on the back of the blades.

The most important thing for the fans is the backlight, which is made as a LED strip made as an inner cylinder inside the plastic frame, which is offering 4 type of LEDs with different colours. For this model the colours are: white, green, red and blue with an overall number of 36 LEDs. They can work all together with 6 different LED effects:

And seen from the back:

The power and regulation of the fan is done by a long 4 pin PWM sleeved in black cable and the switch for the lights is on a second cable which is white with a small button at the end. Both of the cables are fixed to the fan and can’t be removed.

The standard package includes:

  1. Four screws
  2. 4-to-3 Pin power adaptor
  3. One self-adhesive rubber strip for attaching the LEDs switch to the case.

LEPA Casino Spiral 120mm:

What I can say for the LEPA Casino Spiral 120mm is that the model is absolutely the same as LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm with one small difference, which is the backlight. LEPA Casino Spiral 120mm offers only one colour and it is blue. Again, we have 6 types of LED effects.

The model offers absolutely the same structure with Vortex effect, power and regulation method, technical details and package content.

Time for testing:

The tests for the 2 samples will be conducted in my standard way. I will mount both test samples together and test them at 5V/7V/9V/12V and my goal will be to check the authenticity of the technical characteristics given by the manufacturer. The products will be tested under close-to-perfect conditions, not taking into account any external factors. The results achieved during the test can in no way be the same if the fans are mounted on a cooler or on the case fan hole of any modern computer case. I will measure the amount of air going through the fans for one hour and its speed. For this I use a fan controller, a voltage meter, an anemometer and a stand made specifically for this purpose.
Before I start testing I want to show how both fans looks at the stand with and without the backlight:

The test results are shown in the following charts:

Airflow through the fans at 5V, 7V, 9V, 12V

Propellers rpm during the tests at 5V, 7V, 9V, 12V.

The anemometer showed the following air speed passing through the fans:

After mounting the fans onto the stand and leaving them to run for about 30 minutes at maximum speed, it was time for the tests to begin.

As with my other tests, again I started with a gradual increase of the voltage through the Lamptron FCT starting at 0V and they made one full revolution at:

  1. LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm made one full revolution at 7.5V and lights powered at 7V
  2. LEPA Casino Spiral 20mm made one full revolution at 7.5V and lights powered at 8V


Test at 5V:

The starting voltage of all models is higher than the voltage for the first test, so I had to decrease to 5V. Unfortunately, neither of the fans was able to work at 5V. I tried with or without lights but they just stopped working at 5V.

Test at 7V:

The second test was at standard voltage of 7V.

Both of the fans reached the same revolutions per minute of 600 and same airflow level of 25.92 cubic metres per hour. A bit low but still it is just the first test and at only 600 rpm. Both of the test samples were completely silent.

Test at 9V:

The third test was at standard voltage of 9V.

  1. LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm – reached airflow level of 63.36 cubic metres per hour at 1200 revolutions per minute.
  2. LEPA Casino Spiral 20mm – reached slightly bigger airflow level of 67.68 cubic metres per hour at 1275 revolutions per minute.
Both fans were still silent but there was some noise from the air passing through the propellers.

Test at 12V:

The last test was at standard voltage of 12V.

  1. LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm – was at maximum airflow level of 87.36 cubic metres per hour at 1620 revolutions per minute.
  2. LEPA Casino Spiral 20mm – was at maximum airflow level of 92.16 cubic metres per hour at 1665 revolutions per minute.
Both test samples were producing some noise that can be heard at a distance bigger than 20cm.


  1. Performance: Both of the fans according to the revolutions per minute are almost the same and I believe the motor used in both models is absolutely the same. As we can see these fans are meant to work from voltage range 7-12V and I believe the most suitable voltage for daily use is 9V. I am sure they can be used as attached on any of the case fan holes or as CPU cooling fans because of the static pressure level.
  2. Noise level: In the first test both of the models were absolutely quiet but at top speed they got a bit noisy.
  3. Apperance:  What can I say for the appearance. They look really futuristic and a bit aggresive with all those sharp edges. I can point out the backlights as a really nice feature which actually can operate in 6 different ways and I can say it is really beautiful.

I think LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm deserves the following reward:

I think LEPA Casino Spiral 120mm deserves the following reward:

LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm and Spiral 120mm have been added to the 120mm fans catalogue.

Official price (MSRP):

LEPA Casino 4 Color 120mm – unknown

LEPA Casino Spiral 120mm – unknown

I thank LEPA for the test samples.

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