NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 and XLP Test and Review

A few details about the models I am planning to test and review…

NoiseBlocker XL2 and XLP are part of the mainstream series called BlackSilent which is made up of a lot of models with different dimensions. The smallest are with dimensions of 40mm and the biggest are 140mm.

A few weeks ago I tested the models from the NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan series with dimensions of 140mm, namely NoiseBlocker BlackSilentPro XK-1 and XK-2 and I believe it is time to check how their smaller brothers perform.

For this test and review I will test NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 and XLP and update the catalogue entries with the new values.

Now let’s get started…


The fans arrived in pretty much the same standard for the series package made of transparent plastic shell holding the fans and the additional accessories and a carton, painted in black, back plate holding the package together. As you can see on the front part of the carton plate there are some technical details  about the products, while the full technical specifications are on the back sides. I can say that the fans arrived in absolutely the same package as before.

The official technical details for the models are:

  1. NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 – 1500 +/- 10% revolutions per minute providing airflow level of 98.8 cubic metres per hour at only 21 dBA.
  2. NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XLP – 2000 +/- 10% revolutions per minute providing airflow level of 128 cubic metres per hour at only 31 dBA.

There is nothing much else to say about the package, except that it is very tight and stylish looking so I will move forward and check the fans. After I took the fans out of their packages I can say that I always enjoy the black/blue colour scheme used by NoiseBlocker for this series, but that is not the most important for now…


Before I start describing the fans I want to point out that they are almost the same with some minor differences and I will talk about both fans at same time.

IMG_6875 IMG_6883

Both of the fans offer absolutely the same structure made of a PBT glass fibre-reinforced square frame painted in dark grey, almost black and a semi transparent, painted in dark blue propeller made of Polycarbonate offering 7 large blades with average angle made to provide high airflow level at very low noise. The connection between the frame and the propeller is done by the NoiseBlocker -Longlife sleeve bearing featuring anti-dust polycarbonate rotor.

IMG_6876 IMG_6885

Both of the models are powered by very long sleeved in black cable and NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 offers a 3-pin connector while NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XLP offers a 4-pin PWM connector for more precise fan control. According to the official technical details and my testing experience both of the fans start to operate at voltage range 4-4.5V, which is kinda great feature especially for a case fan.

IMG_6879 IMG_6881

Before I continue with the testing procedure I should say few words about the package content and in that case for the both fans there are only 4 rubber dumpers for installing the fans on a cases or at CPU coolers.

Now let’s do some testing:

The tests for the NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 and XLP will be conducted in my standard way. I will mount the fans and test them at 5V/7V/9V/12V and my goal will be to check the performance of the fan in real conditions. The products will be tested under close-to-perfect conditions, not taking into account any external factors. The results achieved during the test can in no way be the same if the fans are mounted on a cooler or on the case fan hole of any modern computer case. I will measure the amount of air going through the fans for one hour and their speed. For this I use a fan controller, a voltage meter, an anemometer and a stand made specifically for this purpose.

And this is what the fans look like installed on my test stand:


The test results are shown in the following charts: Airflow through the fans at 5V, 7V, 9V, 12V.

NoiseBlocker BlackSilent XL2 and XLP Airflow

Propellers rpm during the tests at 5V, 7V, 9V, 12V.

NoiseBlocker BlackSilent XL2 and XLP RPM

The anemometer showed the following air speed passing through the fans:

NoiseBlocker BlackSilent XL2 and XLP Speed

After mounting both of the fans onto the stand and leaving them to run for about 60 minutes at maximum speed, it was time for the tests to begin. As with my other tests, again I started with a gradual increase of the voltage through the Lamptron FCT starting at 0V and NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 made one full revolution at 4V, while NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XLP made at least one full revolution at 4.5V, exactly like the official technical specification.

Test at 5V:

To conduct the first tests for both of the test samples I had to increase the voltage to 5V and NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 was rotating at 900 revolutions per minute with airflow level of 48.48 cubic metres per hour, while the second test sample was a bit slower with only 615 revolutions per minute and airflow level of 27.36 cubic metres per hour. Both of the fans were absolutely quiet.

Test at 7V:

At 7V the first model reached 63.36 cubic metres per hour at 1155 revolutions per minute, while the second model was again a bit slower with 1080 revolutions per minute and airflow level of 57.12 cubic metres per hour. Again both fans were absolutely quiet.

Test at 9V:

At 9V things changed a lot. The first model reached 1380 revolutions per minute and maximum airflow level of 78.24 cubic metres per hour while the second test sample got really nice performance boost with airflow level  83.52 cubic metres per hour at 1500 revolutions per minute. There was a tiny noise from the air passing through the propeller on both of the fans.

Test at 12V:

At 12V both models reached their maximum performance of 92.16 cubic metres per hour for NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 and 112.32 cubic metres per hour for NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XLP. The first model was rotating at 1665 revolutions per minute, while the second was a bit faster with value of 2025. The noise level slightly increased but still the performance was very nice.


  1. Performance: Even though both of the fans from NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan 120mm series look almost the same with similar structure and visual appearance they perform in a very different way. I can recommend both fans to be used as case fans supporting the airflow circulation inside the case and as a CPU cooler fans used to keep every modern procesor running at normal temperatures at normal frequencies. I can’t recommend them to be used on a CPU cooler mounted on extreme overclocked processor.
  2. Noise level: Both of the fans were completely silent during the tests at 5 and 7V and got a bit noisy at tests conducted at 9 and 12V.
  3. Appearance:  Both of the fans offer very stylish appearance combined with nice black/blue colour scheme.

I think NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 deserves the following reward:


And NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XLP deserves:


NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 and XLP  have been added to the 120mm fans catalogue.

Official price (MSRP):

NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XL2 – unknown

Warranty: 36 months

NoiseBlocker BlackSilentFan XLP – unknown

Warranty: 36 months



I thank NoiseBlocker for the test sample.

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