Phanteks PH-TC12DX Series

Phanteks PH-TC12DX Series is made of four identical models with different colour schemes:

  1. Black heat-sinks with 2 x white fans
  2. Blue heat-sinks with 2 x white fans
  3. Red heat-sinks with 2 x white fans
  4. White heat-sinks with 2 x white fans


The cooler offers a copper base with 4 x copper ø6mm heatpipes transfering the heat to the nickel plated aluminium fins made using the patented technologies:

  1. P.A.T.S (Physical Antioxidant Thermal Shield) to greatly increase the cooling performance and reliability while deflecting other thermal radiation from other heat sources, such as the GPU, South Bridge, North Bridge, etc. P.A.T.S, ran at a long period, will display significantly better results in an enclosure, closed environment, than a tech station, open environment. In extreme conditions, PATS is able to withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius. P.A.T.S is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  2. C.P.S.C (Cold Plasma Spraying Coating Technology) is a brand new technologic forming deposit that displaces heat onto corresponding metals at a quicker rate. With this technology, the Phanteks PH-TC12DX enhances thermal conductivity on the soldered surfaces of the heat-pipes through the copper deposits.


The dimensions of the coolers are 126(L) x 107(W) x 169mm(H) and overall weight of 880 grams with both fans installed. According to Phanteks, all of the models are compatible with Intel LGA 2011/1155/1156/1366/775 and AMD FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 sockets.


The heatsinks are cooled by 2 x Phanteks PH-F120HP PWM Premium fans using UFB (Updraft Floating Balance) bearing, Nine blades and MAFO (Maelstrom Air-Fort Optimization) drive system to achieve massive airflow and perfect dynamic balance.  The PH-F120HP fans with the support of the anti-acoustic rubber pad and rubber bar produces low level dB(A) and eliminates vibration. With PWM functions built in, PH-F120HP fans allows you to set speed adjustments for either performance and/or silent operation.


All of the models will offer 5 years warranty and MSRP forPH-TC12DX at $54.99 before taxes ; €54,90 / £44.99 (VAT incl.) and $59.99 before taxes ; Blue/Red/Black edition at €59,90 / £49.99(VAT incl.)

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