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X2 The Pirate 1620

With the biggest celebration of the year getting closer and closer. A lot of competition usually arises in the market. With companies rushing to become a buyer’s first choice, when it comes to Christmas presents. Albeit this year in no exception, especially concerning the PC Case department of X2. The past few months, X2 has been working on a new eye-catching case, The Pirate 1620. This model, with its metallic skeleton and tempered glass body, is slowly filling the shelves of major retail stores. As it was released on the 24th of November this year.

Regardless, let’s get more in-depth with the case’s specifications.

So to begin with there is more than sufficient space for up to 5 drives and 7 expansion slots for the installation of substantially large graphics cards. Moreover, superior air cooling is feasible via the 6, 120mm fan mounts throughout the chassis. In addition, two multi-LED red cooling fans are included.
Also, the inside of the case is more accessible, due to the tool-free removal of the tempered glass panels. The three USB ports and HD Audio jacks in the front, allow for easily accessible I/O. Which benefits highly those in need of many ports, for example, gamers.
Much less, the power supply unit is separated and enclosed from all other modules to ensure better noise isolation and improved thermals.

For those that want to get more acquainted with this product, I advise that you look at the table below, acquired for the official site.

Specifications of X2’s Pirate 1620

  • Unit Weight – 8.4kg
  • Unit Dimension – ATX form factor with dimensions of 478 x 213 x 507mm
  • Front Panel Connections | Audio – HD & AC 97
  • Application – Computer gamer system based on ATX or Micro ATX mainboards
  • Color – Black
  • Connectors – No power supply included
  • Cooling

-1 x Red 15 LED 120mm Fan in the front
– 1 x Red 15 LED 120mm Fan on the rear
– Front panel fan space: 3 x 120mm
– Top panel fan space: 3 x 120mm
– Rear panel fan space: 1 x 120mm
– Total PSU chamber fan space: 3 x 120mm

  • Internal Drive Bays 3.5″ – 2
  • Rear expansion Slots – 7
  • Fan type – 120mm DC 12V silent series 15 LED red color
  • Additional features:

– Front support 360mm radiator and rear for 120mm.
– Support 400mm GPU and CPU cooler height: 180mm
– Tempered glass for side panel and front panel

The official retail price for this product is 79.95$ (incl. VAT) or 69.95€ (including VAT).

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    George Messaritakis 18.12.2017 at 14:50

    i think it deserves the money … probably gonna buy it

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