Reeven Chrono Guard RC-0902 Test and Review



The model arrived to me in a pretty standard for the company package made of a carton box painted in black/grey/yellow colour scheme with tons of information and details all over the front, side and back panels.


After I checked out the details and the information I was really eager to see what’s inside the box.


Yes, in this small box there were an installation manual and a warranty card, the cpu cooler and all of the additional accessories needed so the cooler can be used on:

  1. Intel: 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366
  2. AMD: AM3+ / FM1 / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2 / 940 / 939 / 754

Let’s leave the additional accessories for now and check the cooler itself.


What is actually Reeven Chrono Guard RC-0902? Some of you may remember that in time I’ve tested and reviewew almost all Reeven coolers. There was a big tower called Reeven Kelveros RC1202 and actually this is it’s smaller brother. As far as I remember, Kelveros has great performance and I am hoping this model to show similar results even though it is a bit smaller with it’s physical dimensions of W95xH140xD60mm and heat sink weight of 395g.


Reeven Chrono Guard RC-0902 as every other cooler is made of 3 major parts doing the cooling magic:

1. Aluminium contact surface and 3 x Ø6mm copper heatpipes with direct contact to the processor transfering the heat to the aluminium fins. And this is how the contact surface looks like:


Very shiny indeed…

2. Aluminium fins dispersing the heat delivered from the heatpipes offering very nice and tight structure providing the feature this cooler to be used with one or two fans. If you already noticed all of the fins except for the top one have holes for boosting the heat dispersion. The top fin is just for boosting the visual appearance of this model.


And seen without the fan installed.


3. The fan used to keep this heatsink cool is 92 x 92 x 25mm, painted in black and yellow (yes, the typical Reeven colour scheme) working in a revolutions per minute range of 500 ~ 2500RPM and PWM powered and regulated with airflow level of 10.0 ~ 50.15CFM and 6.5 ~ 32.3dBA noise level.


The fan is attached to the heatsink via these 4 yellow plastic brackets shown on the picture above, which are very tight and can be easily broken. I say this from personal experience and for that reason in the standard package there are 4 spare. So be careful if you ever have to install this or any other Reeven model using these plastic brackets.

By saying standard package I believe it is time to check what is included inside the REEVEN Chrono Guard RC-0902 box:




  1. Reeven thermal compound
  2. 1 x 92mm fan painted in black and yellow colour scheme
  3. Metal brackets needed so the cooler can be installed on Intel systems with the plastic push clip system
  4. Metal brackets needed so the cooler can be installed on AMD systems using the standard AMD motherboard plastic bracket
  5. 4 metal screws
  6. 8 plastic brackets for mounting the fans to the heatsink
  7. Reeven advertising material
  8. Manual for mounting the cooler on Intel and AMD platforms


To keep the tradition, before I move on to the test results, I would like to describe the system, used for the test:

CPU: AMD Athlon X4 620 at standard frequency of 2612 MHz, overclocked frequency of 3003 MHz and overclocked at 3640 MHz (at 1.5V) per core for the tests.

Motherboard: GigaByte 790X-UD3P

Video card: Sapphire 5830 Extreme 1GB DDR5 256bit

Memory: 2 x 2GB Apacer 800 MHz

Hard drive: Kingston SSD SV100S264G

Case: Cooler Master HAF 932

Power supply: Cooler Master Silent Pro 600

Cooler: REEVEN Chrono Guard RC-0902

Thermal paste: Gelid GC-Supreme

Fan mounted: The standard 92mm fan included in the package

The tests were conducted in a closed system with:

  1. 230mm fan on the front panel putting fresh air in and spinning at about 700 rpm
  2. 230mm fan on the side panel putting fresh air in and spinning at about 700 rpm
  3. 230mm fan on the top panel taking hot air out and spinning at about 700 rpm.
  4. Room temperature of about 18 degrees.


Testing procedure:

I will install REEVEN Chrono Guard RC-0902 and do tests at default frequency 2612 mHz at idle and stress, then at overclocked frequency 3003MHz  at idle and stress and lastly at overclocked frequency of 3640 mHz again at idle and stress using just the standard 92mm fan included in the package.

Mounting procedure:


To install the cooler, two metal brackets, included in the package need to be attached to the cooler. And this is how they look installed:


And this is how the cooler looks when it is installed:


As I said before the standard plastic bracket provided with the motherboard will be used and for AMD the cooler can be installed only in horizontal position, while for Intel it can be installed in horizontal and vertical positions. As you can see, when the cooler is installed all four DIMM slots are available.

I believe it is time to check how REEVEN Chrono Guard RC-0902 performs.

The results from the tests at default frequency 2612MHz are:


Chrono Guard @2612 idle


Chrono Guard @2612 stress

The results from the tests at overclocked frequency 3003 MHz are:


Chrono Guard @3003 idle


Chrono Guard @3003 stress

The results from the tests at overclocked frequency 3640 MHz are:


Chrono Guard @3640 idle


Chrono Guard @3640 stress

All of the test results have been summed up in the following charts:

Tests with fans

And the fan speed during the tests:

Fan Speed


  1. REEVEN Chrono Guard RC-0902 performance – before I mounted this small fellah I was a bit sceptic that it will handle to cool my Athlon at 3640MHz with maximum load, even though all of the other models performed very nicely. Well after I am done testing I can say WOW. Very nice performance and I can say that this cooler performed really nice at defaut frequency and a bit overclocked frequency but for high overclock it is not really the best choice. After all for extreme overclock there is his big brother – Kelveros. I can recommend it for smaller machines such as home and office workstations or HTPC systems since it is not so big.
  2. REEVEN Chrono Guard RC-0902 noise level – when the cooler is meant to cool systems working at default frequency and PWM powered and regulated it performs decent at very low noise level. While when I am testing I always use the fans at maximum speed and even then the cooler wasn’t very loud and I believe it is normal to have some noise when it is cooling a processor with 1GHz more per core.
  3. REEVEN Chrono Guard RC-0902 appearance – Very nice colour scheme featuring the metal shine of the aluminium fins, copper heatpipes and black and yellow fan .

According to my review, I’ve decided that Reeven Chrono Guard RC-0902 deserves the following reward:


Official price (MSRP):

REEVEN Chrono Guard RC-0902– unknown

Warranty: unknown

I thank Reeven for the samples!


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