Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P – Test and Review

A lot of time has passed since I’ve had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the models from the original Coldwing 12 series: Reeven Coldwing 120mm performance and 120mm performance pwm and Reeven Coldwing 120mm silent and 120mm silent-performance with pwm. Models which offered very serious cooling performance while running at pretty decent noise level and most of all providing amazing colour scheme and appearance.

With the great features and success of the Coldwing 12 series the company introduced the Coldwing 14 range, which already includes several models:

  • Coldwing RM1425S08B is a fan made to operate at 800 revolutions per minute, providing airflow level of 43.5 CFM, static level pressure of 0.018 inch H2O at noise level of 14.3 dBA.
  • Coldwing RM1425S12B is a fan made to operate at 1200 revolutions per minute, providing airflow level of 65.2 CFM, static level pressure of 0.041 inch H2O at noise level of 23.2 dBA.
  • Coldwing RM1425S17B is a fan made to operate at 1700 revolutions per minute, providing airflow level of 92.4 CFM, static level pressure of 0.091 inch H2O at noise level of 36.4 dBA.
  • Coldwing RM1425S17B-P is a fan made to operate at maximum 300 ~ 1700 revolutions per minute, providing airflow level of 16.3~92.4 CFM, static level pressure of 0.002~0.091 inch H2O at noise level of 5.8~36.4 dBA. This model is equipped with additional SSA (Speed Switch Adapter) which will deliver: 300 ~ 1300 revolutions per minute, providing airflow level of 16.3~69.9 CFM, static level pressure of 0.002~0.048 inch H2O at noise level of 5.8~24.7 dBA.

For this test and review I have the chance to test and review the most versatile model from the Coldwing 14 series, and that is the RM1425S17B-P.


Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P arrived to me in a transparent, not so big plastic, but still very strong box through which part of the frame and the propeller structure could be seen, while the additional accessories and one third of the fan are hidden behind a painted in gray/black carton cover. Of course, on the front side of the carton cover there are the main technical details regarding the product, while the full technical specifications, written in several languages plus a scheme of the fan are located on the back side of the carton cover and are visible through the back side of the plastic box.


Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P STRUCTURE

And this is what the fan looks like out of its plastic fortress.

The front of the fan The back of the fan
IMG_05292 IMG_05293


Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P is designed of an entirely painted in black matte octagon frame with dimensions of 140 x 140 x 25mm with a 120mm mounting holes and weight of maximum 155 gramms. The interesting thing regarding the frame is actually the thickness of the plastic. The frame is really, I mean really thick and rigid. It is not possible to bend it at all, which is actually a good sign for the overall quality.


As part of the Reeven Coldwing portfolio, RM1425S17B-P is equipped with entirely painted in bright yellow propeller featuring 9 averagely wide but very sharply angled blades made to provide the best possible airflow/static level pressure.

Of course, to perform its duties the connection between the frame and the propeller is done by a 4-pin PWM powered and regulated sleeve bearing motor and is capable to last up to 30 000 hours of constant operation.

The powering and regulation method for the motor is done by a 500mm entirely sleeved in black mesh 4 wires cable and painted in black 4-pin PWM connector.



I believe it is time to put the fan aside and check the additional accessories added in the box.


The standard Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P package features:

  1. a set of 4 metal screws for installing the fan to a case fan slot
  2. a set of 4 entirely painted in black rubber pins to attach the fan to a case fan slot
  3. a sleeved in black mesh SSA (Speed Switch Adapter) cable made to reduce the operational parameters and most of all to decrease the acoustic level

After spending some time describing the fan, I believe the time has arrived to check how it will perform.


Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P TESTS

The tests will be conducted in my standard way. I will install the fan and test it at 5V/7V/9V/12V and my goal will be to check the performance of the product in real conditions. It will be tested under close-to-perfect conditions, not taking into account any external factors. The results achieved during the tests can in no way be the same if the models are mounted on a cooler or on the case fan slot of any modern computer case. I will measure the amount of air going through the fan for one hour and its speed. For this I use a fan controller, a voltage meter, an anemometer and a stand made specifically for this purpose.

And this is what the fan looks like installed on my test stand:


The test results are shown in the following charts:

Airflow through the fan at 5V, 7V, 9V, 12V

Reeven Coldwing 14 A

Propellers rpm during the tests at 5V, 7V, 9V, 12V.

Reeven Coldwing 14 R

The anemometer showed the following air speed passing through the propeller:

Reeven Coldwing 14 S

After mounting the fan onto the stand, and leaving it to rotate for about 30 minutes at maximum speed, it was time to do the tests.

As with my other tests, again I started with a gradual increase of the voltage through the Lamptron FCT starting at 0V and Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P made at least one full revolution at about 7V. To do the first test I had to decrease the operating voltage to 5V.

Test at 5V:

At the first test conducted at exactly 5V, Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P was completely unable to operate.

Test at 7V:

At the second test conducted at exactly 7V, which is the starting voltage, RM1425S17B-P was rotating at stable 750 revolutions per minute, providing airflow level of 58.56 cubic metres per hour. At this test the fan was absolutely quiet.

Test at 9V:

The third test conducted at 9V, showed that Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P was rotating at 1260 revolutions per minute providing airflow level of 101.76 cubic metres per hour. At this test the fan started generating a tiny noise coming out of the air passing through the propeller.

Test at 12V:

At the last test conducted at 12V, RM1425S17B-P reached its maximum performance, which was airflow level of 140.16 cubic metres per hour at 1710 revolutions per minute. At this test the noise level became a bit more distinct.

I believe the time has arrived to share my thoughts regarding the product.


Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P CONCLUSIONS

1. Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P Performance:

Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P is the biggest, the most powerful and at the same time the most versatile model in the series made to provide the best possible airflow level and static level pressure, of course by sacrificing the noise level a bit.

The fan itself is a great option to boost the airflow inside every modern case compatible with 140mm fans and at the same time it can be a good choice as a main cooling unit for CPU heat sinks or AIO radiators installed on low, middle or high grade processors working at default, a little bit and extremely overclocked frequencies. In all cases the fan will definitely be able to provide stable and reliable performance.

Of course, if the fan is set to operate at full speed it is a bit noisy but when it is set to be automatically PWM powered and regulated it maintains a stable airflow at decent to low noise level.

2. Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P Appearance:

As for appearance, I should say that Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P is designed to be a very attractive and eye catching product. And indeed it is. The fan will definitely look amazing in a case with black/yellow colour scheme and will definitely improve the overall appearance of the rig. Also it could be a great cooling unit and part of a modding project in the black/yellow range.

I think that Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P deserves the following reward:


Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P has been added to the 140mm fans catalogue.

Official price (MSRP): Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P – unknown

Warranty: 24 months

I thank Reeven for the sample!


Reeven Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P – Test and Review
9.6 Total Score
Amazing appearance in black and yellow

Noise Level
Additional accessories
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    Sounds like the best cooler in this series!!!

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      I can’t say if it is the best but definitely it is a very good fan.

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    good review, great cooler

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