Reeven NOTOS

Reeven Notos is made from steel chassis and ABS plastic for some of the details, coming in at 415 x 370 x 180mm physical dimensions. At the moment only a black version of the case is available, accompanied by all black interior.

In terms of exterior looks the case has an interesting design, featuring a medium sized grill at the front panel along with some flat details around it to make it look unique.


Interior-wise, Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards can be installed and Notos is featuring a set of 4 PCI slots as well. Storage is sufficient for a case this size and the 3.5″ drive bays are 3, one SSD mount, along with a 5.25″ bay.

PSUs that are ATX PS2 standard can be placed inside the interior and GPUs up to 360mm are also able to live there. Considering the size of the case it’s good news that latest GPUs are supported. CPU coolers with maximum height of 155mm will fit so quite a decent range of CPU coolers is also supported.


Notos’s been also equipped with tool-less design bays for easy installation and less time spent building a PC inside. You’ll still need a screwdriver to install/remove fans from the internal setup and speaking of fans, here are the mounts available:

  • Front: 120mm x 1 (Optional)
  • Rear: 120mm x 1 (Installed)

Notos comes with one pre-installed fan, which is good for the price range, however a second fan is almost a must in those tight interior spaces.

Front panel has 1 x USB 3.0 port, 1 x USB 2.0 port (not sure why that is needed anymore) and audio jacks.

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