SilverStone FHP141-VF

SilverStone FHP141-VF is the latest arrival in the company portfolio and is designed to deliver an amazing cooling performance combined with a special feature.


The fan itself is made of a entirely in black octagon frame with dimensions of 140 x 140 x 38mm and weight of 225g and could be installed both on 120 and 140mm case fan slots or cpu coolers compatible with these dimensions.

FHP141-VF is equipped with pretty solid entirely in black matte propeller featuring 7 pretty wide and at the same time very sharply angled blades to provide not only high airflow level but also amazing static pressure level.


The connection between the frame and the propeller is done via dual ball bearing with starting voltage of 6.5V and maximum operational voltage of 12V, with which FHP141-VF can achieve of up to life time of up to 70000 hours constant operation.

With this configuration the fan is capable to provide airflow level range of 43.75 ~ 173.5 CFM, while the propeller is rotating at 500 ~ 2000 revolution per minute range, with static pressure level range of 0.13 ~ 3.3 mm-H2O at noise level range of 16.5 ~ 41.5 dBA (max).


And actually the most important feature regarding this product is the feature that enables every user owning the fan to change the fan’s airflow direction with just a flick on the included switch!

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