Silverstone FM93

Silverstone FM93 features a standard hard plastic fan frame with dimensions of 92mm (L) x 92mm (W) x 25mm (H) and the available color is white, which is for both the frame and the fan blades. The bearing type that Silverstone went with in this unit is called Long life sleeve and offers up to 40.000 hours of MTBF. Connection type is 3-pin and does not feature PWM, but I guess that the included fan controller speaks for itself. Yes, the little fan comes with its own controlling unit that can be mounted on a PCI slot and features a knob to control the fan revolutions. There is also a second slot for an additional fan, so a single PCI slot can be used to control two fans simultaneously.


Speaking of RPM levels, FM93 is able to work from 1200 to 3000 RPM and produces airflow of 21.4 ~ 53.6 CFM. Noise levels stay reasonable, under 30 dBA – from 9.3 ~ 29.2 dBA. The static pressure generated by the fan is 0.67 ~ 2.96mmH2O, which is quite good for a fan this size. Start voltage is rated at 7 volts and the maximum operating voltage is 12 volts, where the fan reaches its maximum performance.

A unique feature of Silverstone FM93 is the double curved fan blade design, which increases performance without the cost of additional noise.

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