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Silverstone Fortress FT05

The FT05 is yet another chassis in Silversone’s portfolio of Fortress tower cases and it was announced in the beginning of 2014. It is said to have unprecedented design and very efficient thermodynamics due to the proprietary Silverstone 90 degree motherboard mounting system. Taking a closer look in Ft05’s design we can assume that these straight lines and flat, square accents are very beautiful indeed and do bring some elegant look to the case. There are two color versions – black and white with windowed side panel or a solid side panel, so the needs and wants of a large group of users are met.


Black windowed Silverstone FT05 White windowed Silverstone FT05
ft05b-w-34left-top ft05s-w-34left-top

The case is built from steel that is used for the actual chassis and there is an aluminium outre shell just to be on the premium side of things, although weight is kept under 10 kg, as the case weighs 9.5kg and physical dimensions are 221mm (W) x 483mm (H) x 427mm (D) or 46 liters.

Inside this compact, yet efficient case you can fit motherboards from Micro-ATX and ATX to SSI-CEB sizes and this is all done with the 90 degree mount that improves not only the thermal performance of the case, but also provides interesting view if you purchase the windowed version. Expansion slots are 7 in total and the supported PSU size is ATX (PS2). Silverstone didn’t place any rubber grommets to hide the cables from the PSU which is a little unfortunate. If you require an ODD cage, stop here, as this case will offer you only compatibility with slim optical drives and is only one slot for that. This is due to the design of the case and the need to squeeze every bit of space it was a necessary step.


Storage devices are available to be installed in four slots, 2 of which are for 2.5″ drives and are located behind the motherboard tray and two are for 3.5″ drives below where the PSU would be installed. As for the CPU cooler compatibility there is a 168mm height restriction due to the width of the case and GPU’s up to 310mm can be mounted inside the case.

One the the features of this FT05 case is that there is sound dampening foam on the side panels to improve the noise cancellation capabilities and reduce the vibration noises from the metal shell and elements.


Regarding the cooling part this case offers efficient and sufficient cooling out of the box with the all so popular Silverstone AP181  180mm fans, mounted on the bottom part of the case, where also removable dust filter is present to keep the cleanliness inside the case. Instead of them you can install either 3 x 120 mm fans, or 2 x 140 mm fans, depending on your needs. The bottom portion of the case is also said to be compatible with water cooling solutions. On the top there is one 120 mm fan slot to be utilized.

The last thing to mention is that on the top panel there are the usual two USB 3.0 ports and the HD audio jacks.

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  1. That looks exquisite.. Any rumours about its price?

    • Hi, the case looks extremely clean and the price for the windowed version is around 115$, making it not so expensive and worth the buy if you are fond of the case.

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