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Silverstone Tundra TD02 vs Silverstone Tundra TD02 Black Water

All right, since the guys from Silverstone were kind enough to send us two Tundra TD02’s for testing and reviewing, we decided to kick things up a notch with one of the samples. If you skipped the test and review of the original Silverstone Tundra TD02 you can find it HERE.

What we did was to mod one Tundra into Project Black Water with:

  1. Brand new, semi-transparent yellow tubes with length of 350mm and inner diameter of Ø8mm
  2. Semi-transparent yellow coolant
  3. Brand new metal fittings for the water block
  4. The water block was entirely painted in black
  5. The fans and the radiator were painted in black/gold colour scheme


Silverstone TD02 Silverstone TD02 Black Water
DSCF0527 DSCF0526


As you can see from the photos, the result is quite eye-catching and hopefully we would get some performance increase due to the slightly increased tubing inner diameter.


We were very eager to test the samples neck to neck and see whether we were able to improve this already high-performance liquid CPU cooler.


Testing procedure will be conducted in our standard way, using Prime95 AVX software to really stress the CPU. Test rig:

  • CPU: Intel i5-4670K At standard frequency 3.397 MHz (at 1.029V, set to Auto when not OC-ing)
  • At low overclock frequency of 3.997 MHz (at 1.249V)
  • At medium overclock frequency of 4.397 MHz (at 1.254V)
  • Motherboard: AsRock Fatal1ty Killer Z87
  • Video card: MSI AMD R9 280X GAMING 3G
  • Memory: A-Data XPG 8 GB Dual channel, 1600 MHz
  • Hard drive: Western Digital 640 GB Black Series
  • SSD: Intel 530 Series, 120 GB
  • Case: Antec Nineteen Hundred
  • Power supply: Corsair RM750 W, Fully Modular
  • Cooler: Silverstone TD02/ Silverstone TD02 Black Water
  • Thermal paste: Noctua NT-H1

I will install Silverstone Tundra TD02 and Silverstone Tundra TD02 Black Water and do stress tests using Prime95 AVX software with constant load on the cooler for 14:30 minutes with custom settings of minimum FFT size (in K of 128), max FFT size (in K of 128) and Run FFTs in place at standard frequency of 3.397 MHz (at 1.029V), at low overclock frequency of 3.997 MHz (at 1.249V) and at medium overclock frequency of 4.397 MHz (at 1.254V) using only the fans installed on the the cooler. And here are the results from the conducted tests:

Silverstone TD02 @ 3.4 GHz Silverstone TD02 Black Water @ 3.4 GHz
TD02 3.4 ghz Black water 3.4 ghz


Silverstone TD02 @ 3.9 GHz Silverstone TD02 Black Water @ 3.9 GHz
TD02 3.9 ghz Black water 3.9 ghz


Silverstone TD02 @ 4.3 GHz Silverstone TD02 Black Water @ 4.3 GHz
TD02 4.3 ghz Black water 4.3 ghz


For some unknown reason when I installed the standard TD02 and then overclocked the processor I realized that CoreTemp was unable to load, or if it did the whole system crashed. I tried running a 32-bit version, but again the result was unsatisfactory and I even saw that on the 3.9 GHz test the heat spreader temperature in AIDA64 was fixed at 45 degrees Celsius and didn’t change throughout the 14:30 minutes. Even raising the voltage a bit wasn’t enough to make CoreTemp work or change the heat spreader temp…I guess that’s the risks of having an Intel setup when OC-ing.

And here are the summarized results in charts:


Silverstone TD02  – Temperatures Silverstone TD02 Black Water – Temperatures
TD02 vs Black water Temps TD02 vs Black Water temps 1


Silverstone TD02 Fans RPM Silverstone TD02 Black Water – Fans RPM
TD02 vs Black Water fan RPM TD02 vs Black Water Fan RPM 1

Don’t be alarmed by the high temperatures, the ambient room temperature was 30 degrees Celsius throughout the entire testing process, it did not change a bit.

So you can see for yourself how close are the actual results. Clearly there is some difference in the two units, but it is so low that we could consider it within margin of error. Nevertheless, the modding was a success, we achieved that look we were going for and we made a battle between these two monster AIO Liquid CPU Coolers.

Again, let us say a big Thank You! to Silverstone for being kind enough to provide us with the test samples.


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