Thermaltake Luna 12 LED

This new fan has standard 120mm fan dimensions of 120 x 120 x 25 mm. Thermaltake says that at 1200 RPM, which is the fan’s maximum rotation speed, it delivers more airflow due to the increased frame opening of the fan that enables more air to be sucked in – somewhere around 60% more inflow, therefore increasing the overall airflow level of the fan. This feature is helped by the double curved fan blades that also add more pressure to the air being pushed from the fan. All of these improvements are considered to be reasonable in terms of noise production – the fan should stay pretty quiet even at 1200 RPM. The fan frame is made with in-mold injection anti-vibration rubber pads.


Another feature that comes with the fan is the integrated LED lights – red, white or blue versions.

Some of the fan’s technical specifications are starting voltage of 9 V, where 12 V is the maximum supported voltage with an airflow level of 50.44 CFM. The air pressure is 1.32 mm-H2O, all of this achievable at 20.7 dB-A noise level at maximum rotation speed. The fan is expected to last 40,000 hours before failure with its sleeve bearing system. There is lack of PWM control, which leaves something to be desired.




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