X2 The RINDJA Series

Rindja 8020, which is the model name is a full tower case, made of steel (SPCC 0,55mm) and plastic elements all wrapped in a futuristic design and aimed at the gamers where both design and performance is vital. Two color schemes are available – black and red, making sure that you’ll be able to suit your hardware to the colors.


Large acrylic window is responsible for the view inside the case and when loaded with hardware it will look great due to the large window. In reality almost the whole side panel is a window. Front panel is aggressive and features a large grill design with all of the buttons and ports located on the right hand side.


Internally you can fit up to 3 SSD drives, no mention on HDD count. Seven expansion slots are available for the installation of long graphics cards up to 370mm in length. Furthermore the design of the case is with divided compartments of the motherboard and PSU. Cooling capacity is definitely benefiting from this feature. Speaking of cooling this case is a powerhouse for fans. Total of 9 x 120mm fan mount locations are present throughout the chassis. Out of the box Rindja comes equipped with two Red LED fans.

Water cooling is fully taken care of in Rindja and radiators up to 360mm are supported. Additionally cable management is 25mm which is great and will provide excellent cable management options. Dust filters are provided so you can easily maintain this beast of cooling.


USB 3.0 ports are present on the front panel along with HD audio jacks.

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