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X2 The Empire

How often do we see aluminum chassis around? Not much, really. Well, X2 has got something to say about it and this may very well be the reason why they’ve created The Empire. Quite an interesting name for a case, it definitely gets the attention and I guess we all want to see how it looks.


Constructed out of steel and brushed aluminum this chassis offers looks that are futuristic and astoundingly clean. This means a lot of strength in a medium sized case, created to fit the purpose of housing your great hardware. What’s better is that there are glass panels on the sides to admire the gaming components inside.


Oblique large front panel with no grill is the main design characteristic of The Empire, along with LED light rear fan, which is preinstalled. Of course additional fans can be mounted, total of 7. Water cooling options are also a must in this case if you ask me, thus X2 have left the opportunity to install up to 360mm water cooling radiator.

Three 3.5″ drive bays are present, 7 expansion slots and GPUs up to 400mm are supported to accommodate the highest performing hardware.


Dual chamber design to separate the PSU from other components and provide better looks, along with neat interior layout. Cable management has been designed to be 25mm and dust filters are present to keep the nasty dust off the interior. The Empire supports ATX motherboards.

On the front panel you can find the conveniently placed USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, along with the audio jacks.

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  1. Nice silhouette.. but the glass windows are quite demanding to the colours of the components chosen.. and then the pre-installed fan has a colour, which means you would have to thrown it aside if your overall colour scheme is different..

    Still nice one..

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